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Hottest Watch Straps for 2018

You are a lover of watches, a time connoisseur if you will. Your heart beats a little faster as you peruse the latest in wristwatch accessories. It’s okay. You are not alone. There are many facets to your watch obsession including the shape, design, and size, but it’s the strap that pulls it all together. Don’t be afraid to show off your style and personality with the hottest watch straps for 2018.


NATO Straps


This one-piece strap is wildly popular and is available in both leather and nylon versions. Originally produced in the 1970’s for British soldiers, this trendy strap is versatile and durable. Available in many different colors, as well as, striped color combinations for the nylon versions. The great thing about the NATO Strap is that you don’t have to remove any spring bars when you change it out.


Shark Mesh Straps


Vintage meets the present day with the stainless steel Shark Mesh Straps. Metal mesh bands have been around for years, however, the shark mesh bands of today are thicker and sturdier, up to 4mm. The shark mesh strap is inspired by the strong mesh suites worn by professional divers when swimming with sharks. Watches like the Breitling Superocean Heritage and Omega Ploprof have made the shark mesh band extremely popular. Available in a variety of colors including matte black, silver, rose gold and yellow gold, all of which are sure to make a bold statement.


Bund Straps


This classic watchband style was originally used by the German air force in World War 2. The leather pad that sits underneath the watch case has insulating properties when exposed to extreme temperatures, to avoid things like metal burn while in the cockpit. The aviator style band’s leather pad rests beneath the actual watch so it never touches your skin. The Bund Strap was also made popular by legendary actor and race car driver, Paul Newman, and is available in leather and nylon.


Rally Straps


The Rally Strap was originally inspired by the leather racing gloves with knuckle holes worn by race car drivers. They have been paired with racing chronographs ever since, with either three large holes, or many small, perforated holes. This functional strap looks stylish and offers maximum breathability.


Carbon Fiber Straps


Carbon Fiber has become a go to style for the modern man. Made popular from the interiors of high end Italian sports car, this stylish look has recently found its way into the world of watches. Carbon Fiber Straps add a luxurious look to any timepiece and are available in wide range of colors and stitching options.


Vintage Style Straps


Look as though you’ve stepped out of the pages from a different time; that’s the beauty of showing off a Vintage Style Strap. There are many different styles and designs to choose from including distressed leather or canvas with frayed edges.


Rubber Straps


The waterproof silicone of a Rubber Strap ensures you keep up the pace in your active lifestyle. These straps are often found on diving watches or being worn by athletes. This durable and sporty strap is available in many cool colors like orange, red, blue, white, and black.

Now you know about the hottest watch straps trending in 2018. Changing the strap of your watch gives a transforming quality to any timepiece. It takes on a whole new appearance and adds a little spice to your wardrobe.


What’s your favorite watch strap style? Let us know in the comments below!


  1. Excellent straps for the price good quality great selection and awesome customer service.

    1. Thanks Rob!

  2. I just got my shark mesh strap that I learned about from this post and I love it!

    1. Glad you like it. Shark mesh straps are my favorite!

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