Rubber Watch Bands

Rubber Watch Bands

Spice up your watch’s look with some rubber watch bands. No one can match what we offer. Here’s why these straps are excellent.

How Long Do Rubber Watch Straps Last?

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Depending on the care and maintenance of your watch and accessories, rubber straps usually need to be replaced within a duration of 18 months to two years.

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FKM Rubber Watch Bands

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  • Gallery Black (Silver Clasp) StrapsCo Silicone Rubber Replacement Watch Band Strap For Rolex With Curved Ends
    $29.99 USD$59.99 USD Select options
  • Gallery Black (Polished Silver Buckle) DASSARI FKM Rubber Quick Release Watch Band Strap
    $34.99 USD Select options
  • Gallery Black (Brushed Silver Clasp) StrapsCo Silicone Rubber Replacement Watch Band Strap For Rolex With Straight Ends
    $29.99 USD$59.99 USD Select options
  • Perforated Rubber Strap with Curved Ends
    $19.99 USD Select options
  • R.sk2.1 Gallery Black StrapsCo Silicone Rubber Strap For Seiko DIver 20mm 22mm
    $17.99 USD Select options
  • pu1.1.12-Gallery-Black-Orange-Polished-Silver-Buckle-StrapsCo-Silicone-Rubber-Divers-Watch-Band-Strap-with-Contrast-Stitching
    $15.99 USD$17.99 USD Select options
  • fk3.1 Gallery Black DASSARI Textured FKM Rubber Watch Band 18mm 20mm 22mm 24mm Quick Release Strap
    $34.99 USD Select options
  • Gallery Black DASSARI Smooth FKM Rubber Quick Release Watch Strap With Brushed Silver Buckle
    $34.99 USD Select options
  • R.tag1.1 Gallery Black Strapsco Silicone Rubber Watch Band For Tag Heuer Formula 1
    $19.99 USD Select options
  • Pu18 Gallery (Black) StrapsCo Silicone Waffle Strap Rubber Band
    $17.99 USD Select options
  • Pu12.1.6 Gallery Silcone Rubber Strap In Black W Red Stitching
    $16.99 USD Select options
  • Pu13.1 Gallery Silicone Rubber Rally Strap In Black
    $17.99 USD Select options
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Showing 1–12 of 75 results

How Do You Make a Rubber Watch Strap Last Long?

Although tough and resistant when exposed to water, a rubber strap watch still needs to be constantly inspected for dirt to last longer. Proper rinsing with clean water and wiping the material is needed, especially if straps are in contact with sweat, chlorine, or saltwater.

Are Rubber Strap Watches Good? Plus, Other Important Details You Should Know About These Watch Straps: 

What makes these watch bands good straps for your timepieces? Find out more below:

Color Choices

These watch bands come in different color combinations. Choose among a great color spectrum to get the look you’d like to achieve for the day. In a way, the different hues do not only spice up your look, it can be a great way to color your personality as well.

Style It Up

It isn’t just a generic look for this band. Select from several styles to best match your watch. From aviator types to straps with buckle accents, you are bound to get a band that will best go with your look. There’s even a vintage look for a nice option to include with your watch and wardrobe accessories.

Perfect for the Active Lifestyle

Rubber watch bands are excellent choices for those into a sportier or more rugged way of living. As a dive watch, these bands will not break that easily even under pressure. If you are into extreme sports like skateboarding or hiking, then these watch straps are perfect. They’re durable and easy to wear!

Great Everyday Wear

Even as a dive watch, these straps offer a more laid-back and casual feel. Aside from the ease of wear, these bands are easy to match any wardrobe. From the boardroom to the surfboard, these are the straps you’d want for your watch!

Focus on Comfort

More than style, these straps for your watches are comfortable against the skin. They are both easy to the touch and fit accurately, which means going for this material for your watch bands may be the best thing you’ll do for comfortable fashion.

Common Types of Rubber Used for These Bands

Know more about the material used in these watch bands:


This material is easily shaped and colored for different styles. However, it is also known to be sticky. This makes it easy to attract dust and other dirt.


The most common rubber used for these watch bands. For additional durability, opt to get vulcanized rubber.


A durable polymer. It’s toughness is offset by its low comfort wear experience.


Another durable polymer used in making rubber watch bands. This is shinier than the PU rubber variant.