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Buckle Compatibility Info

Please make sure to select the correct size and model buckle to fit your strap. The buckle size needed for your strap is usually different from the strap size. Most straps taper from the watch end by 2mm or 4mm to the buckle end. For example, a 20mm strap usually tapers down to 18mm or 16mm at the buckle end and would require an 18mm or 16mm buckle, and not a 20mm buckle as you may assume. Also, you must consider the width of the buckle tongue and the size of the adjustment holes of your strap. A buckle with a 4mm wide tongue will not work with a strap that has 2mm wide adjustment holes as it won’t fit inside. Please contact us if you have any questions about buckle compatibility.

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Showing all 15 results

Got a broken watch buckle? Get a sturdy replacement from our wide-ranging selection. We offer an extensive array of quality watch buckles suited for almost any timepiece strap. Explore buckles of different types, materials, and sizes. You’re sure to find one that’ll fit your preference! 

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Shop the right watch buckle compatible with popular brands such as AP, IWC, and Bell & Ross. We carry black PVC buckles, as well as stainless steel ones in the colors silver, rose gold, and yellow gold. 

Choose the right watch buckle for your strap size. We provide buckles for different strap sizes, from the smallest 10mm width to as big as 26mm. 

Finding it hard to choose a product? Check out our Contact page to call or email us for assistance. 


Different Types of Watch Buckles


Watchbands often use different types of buckles. Know some of the most commonly used types: 

  • Tang – This buckle type is similar to the ones used in most belts. It’s secured to the watch strap through a pin that’s placed through a hole on the strap’s edge. The watch band usually has several punctured holes to make it easy for the user to adjust the band size according to their wrist.
  • Pre-V – It is closely similar to the tang but features a curved shape. This provides the user with a more ergonomic fit around the wrist. This stainless steel watch part is fitted using a screw-in bar.


Frequently Asked Questions


How Do You Replace a Watch Buckle? 

First, you need to remove the watch strap buckle using a standard spring bar tool. Insert the forked tip of the tool between the buckle and the shoulder of the spring bar. Apply pressure by pushing down on the spring bar and away from the buckle. This will instantly release the buckle and its post. Push the spring bar and pull it out of the strap. 

After removing the old watch buckle, it’s time to replace it with the new one. The replacement part may arrive fully assembled, so you may need to disassemble it using your spring bar tool. Insert the parts back to the watch band until you hear a click. This means the new watch buckle has been secured in place. 

What Is the Difference Between a Buckle and a Clasp? 

A buckle is a type of watch closure that’s similar to a belt buckle. It uses a metal pin that secures the buckle to the strap. This type of closure works great on a leather or rubber watch band. On the other hand, a watch clasp is usually made of metal. It’s a reliable closure that prevents a timepiece from falling off your wrist when it is opened. 

What Is a Deployant Buckle on a Watch? 

This is the most common clasp watch found among men’s and women’s watches. The standard deployant clasp unfolds into thirds when it is opened, allowing you to insert your wrist into your watch strap. It then locks in place with a latch mechanism. 

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