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Showing all 17 results

Level Up Your Luminox Watch Bands With StrapsCo

Iconic watches like Luminox are a symbol of elegance and class. Moreover, most people who own Luminox watches prefer using straps that match their lifestyle.

StrapsCo gives you a vast collection of unique and appealing Luminox watch straps for different fashion styles.



Watch Bands for the Physically Active

Active people will find that StrapsCo can offer them different strap choices that go smoothly with an active lifestyle.

Rubber and nylon straps are the best straps for the active, the venturesome, and the tireless. From mountain climbing to water activities, you can bring your Luminox watch comfortably.

Rubber and nylon are built for durability and flexibility. No amount of sweat, seawater, or dirt can stop you from moving forward.


Watch Bands for the Voguish and Snazzy

Whether you’re attending a red carpet gala or a formal corporate event, your Luminox watch must not come short. 

Luminox watches come in different designs. You can go to the next level if you wear a watch band that emanates class, magnificence, and marvel. 

StrapsCo can offer you leather watch bands that will surely match your style. You can choose among croc-embossed, matte black, carbon fiber embossed, and antique leather watch bands.

For men, make sure to match all the leather accessories you wear. For women, style is a bit more flexible. Feminine watches often work best with bracelet-type straps. 


Buy Your Strap Now

Make your watch stylish with StrapsCo’s vast collection of Luminox watch straps. Enjoy free shipping worldwide. 

Or, better yet, order two straps and get one for free! 

Frequently Asked Questions


1. How Do You Remove a Luminox Watch Band?

Removing StrapsCo’s Luminox watch bands is made easy thanks to their quick release function. In just seconds, you can uninstall your current watch strap and replace it with another that goes with your style.

2. What Is the Size of Luminox Watch Bands?

Luminox watch bands are usually 23mm in width. However, 24mm bands can also fit 23mm lug widths.