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Leather Watch Straps That Suit Your Lifestyle Better

It’s not uncommon to buy a watch and later find that the length of the straps isn’t long enough. The straps are usually generic and not made specifically for you. It’s especially hard to find ladies watches with extra-long straps. Extra-long watch bands are easier to find than you might think. There’s no need to find long strap watches online. Buy a watch and equip it with a strap that suits you.


Leather watch straps are especially popular in the spring when people start to go out more often after the cold winter months. To find the type of bands that suit you better, you have to know the different types of leather and their strap lengths.

Vintage Leather Straps

Vintage leather can be between 20 and 100 years old. Antique leather is more than 100 years old. People who like owning a piece of history prefer vintage leather for its unique character and patina. make sure you don’t get it soaked. Water damages leather.

Top-Grain Leather Straps

This is the top layer of the cowhide. Leatherworkers sand it a bit to hide a few imperfections. It’s easy to appreciate a top-grain watch strap. It’s the best-selling type of watch strap there is because it’s affordable and readily available.

Full-Grain Leather Straps

Full-grain leather is leather that has not been altered in any way. This kind of watch strap can show you the most natural state of the leather’s surface, imperfections and all. It will also show the natural marbling, color, and texture of the hide.

Corrected Grain Leather Straps

Leatherworkers modify this type of leather more than top-grain leather. This type of watch strap is perfect when you want a cleaner and more uniform appearance for your watch band. This is a very common approach for commercial leather dealers and stores.

Exotic Leather Straps

Sometimes, the usual kind of leather may not be enough for you. Leather straps made from crocodile or snakeskin are featured items in many stores. When you want to project an exciting and mysterious vibe, exotic leather watch bands will be perfect for you. These kinds of watch bands project an air of confidence and luxury that no other bands can imitate.

Strap Lengths

There are three lengths for watch bands  (buckles not included): short, standard, and extra-long. A short length watch band is 180mm long, a standard length watch band is 200mm in length, and an extra-long watch strap is 220mm in length.

Buying a genuine leather watch strap can be helpful when your old one wears down. Nowadays, wearing leather watch straps is as much about comfort as status. There’s something that makes you feel good when you wear a watch with a leather strap, especially when the length of the strap is perfect for you. You feel both comfortable and luxurious.