Suunto Watch Bands

Spice up your Suunto watch with our wide-ranging selection of Suunto straps. Our extensive Suunto collection features durable, quick-release replacement straps that don’t compromise quality for aesthetics. There’s always a Suunto replacement strap for every style and lifestyle.


Our Suunto strap accessories are easy to change. There’s no need for any additional tools. Do it yourself at the comforts of your own home. For certain models, such as the Suunto D4I Novo, Suunto M series, and Core stainless steel straps, we include accessories like adapters and tools to help you install your new strap. 

Our Top Suunto Strap Picks

If you’re athletic and always on-the-go, you’ll need a Suunto watch band that can keep up. Go for our rubber, silicone, or nylon straps for your Suunto Spartan Sport, Suunto Spartan Ultra, Suunto Kailash, X-Lander, and many more. If you want a versatile Suunto strap that you can wear on many occasions, we recommend the canvas material. 

For a sleek, formal look, we offer leather and stainless steel Suunto Core watch bands. A new Suunto leather strap exudes an elegant look that will carry you from casual to formal events. Plus, the material matures in every use, giving off a classic look and timeless results.

Our Suunto replacement straps are available in different colors, materials, and sizes. Filter your selection by choosing your preferred color or the Suunto model that you own. Suunto bands are available for the following sizes: 20mm, 22mm, 23mm. 

Confused about what Suunto to get? Give us a call and let our customer support team assist you with shopping! 

About Suunto 

Suunto is a leading Finnish brand that manufactures high-grade sports wristwatches, dive products, and compasses. Suunto prides itself onin the GPS signal quality of their products, yet they’re also a top player in their stunning range of sports wristwatches. The most popular Suunto watches, which include Core, Vector, X-Lander, Ambit, and X10, are known for their useful functions. You get training effect, altitude, compass bearing, and even GPS location. 

Frequently Asked Questions


Why Get a Suunto Watch Strap? 

Suunto watches are the perfect companion for various individuals, whatever your sport may be. Suunto electronic sports wristwatches work best while hiking, mountaineering, training, golfing, sailing, and skiing. 

These hectic activities can wear out your Suunto watch’s strap. Over time, it loses its beauty and may even tear apart. Don’t worry! Give your old but gold Suunto watches a brand new look by shopping our selection of Suunto replacement straps. 

Aside from straps, we also provide other Suunto accessories. We carry a stainless steel adapter for your Suunto Core watch band and chargers for most Suunto models. Check out our website to know more about our offerings. 

Where to Get New Suunto Watch Straps Online? 

StrapsCo offers high quality yet affordable replacement bands for Suunto 3, Suunto Spartan Sport, and many more. It can be difficult to look for Suunto bands for your specific watch size, not to mention one that won’t cost a fortune. However, StrapsCo provides cost-efficient Suunto straps that are long-lasting and comfortable on the wrist. 


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  • m2 Gallery Milanese Mesh Strap
    $19.99 USD$24.99 USD Select options
  • su.r1.1 Silicone Rubber Strap for Core in Matte Black
    $39.99 USD Select options
  • su.r25.1 Gallery Black StrapsCo Silicone Rubber Watch Band Strap for Suunto 5
    $29.99 USD Select options
  • Su.l1.1 Gallery Black (Silver Buckle) StrapsCo Black Genuine Leather Rubber Watch Band Strap Compatible With Suunto X Lander
    $34.99 USD Select options
  • Su.r19 Gallery Black & Red StrapsCo Silicone Rubber Watch Band Strap Compatible With Suunto Quest & M Series (M1, M2, M3, M4)
    $24.99 USD Select options
  • su.r4.1.mb gallery
    $39.99 USD Select options
  • st27.1.6 Gallery Black Red Carbon Fiber Strap
    $19.99 USD$20.99 USD Select options
  • 2
    $15.99 USD$17.99 USD Select options
  • Su.r29.7 Gallery Grey StrapsCo Silicone Rubber Watch Band Strap With Case For Suunto Core
    $34.99 USD Select options
  • Su.r28.1 Gallery Black StrapsCo Perforated Silicone Rubber Watch Band Strap For Suunto 9
    $24.99 USD Select options
  • su.r26.1 Gallery Black StrapsCo Silicone Rubber Watch Band Strap for Suunto 9Spartan SportD5
    $24.99 USD Select options
  • G.ch3 Main StrapsCo USB Charger Cable Compatible With Suunto 3 Fitness, Ambit, Ambit 2, Ambit 3, Spartan Trainer, Traverse, Kailash & Kailash 7R
    $19.99 USD Add to cart
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Showing 1–12 of 124 results