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My name is Miguel. My fascination for watches started at an early age, but 6 years ago I really got into watch collecting. For me the watches are important, but even more important is the watch community and the many long life friendships that have come out of this hobby! Find my weekly podcast by searching “SoCal Watch Reviews” on any of the major platforms.

Favorite watch: Seiko SPB143
Favorite strap: Seat Belt Nato



My watch journey began at a young age when my father bought a Timex. Watches have always been a part of my life, what makes it most exciting for me is learning something new. On my social media platforms YouTube/Instagram you will find watch content that I hope you all enjoy.

Favorite watch: Certina DS Podium
Favorite strap: Rubber Perforated Rally Strap with Curved Ends



Hi, my name is David and I love watches! All kinds! On YouTube you can follow my journey in watch collecting where I do watch reviews, share tips, and collaborate with other channels! I also love changing the look of a watch by doing a simple #StrapSwap with my favorite StrapsCo straps and more!

Favorite watch: Reef Tiger RGA3035 (Blancpain Fifty Fathoms Homage)
Favorite strap: DASSARI Aviator Crocodile Embossed Leather Strap with Rivets



Avg. Joe Watch Reviews – “Where we do more than just reviews”. Established in 2018 in the Philadelphia area, the channel was created for the Average Joe. The channel mixes it up with watch comparisons, interviews with watch influencers and brands, livestreams, mini-series, DIY, and much more.

Favorite watch: Tissot Le Locle Powermatic 80
Favorite strap: Beads of Rice



Matt Johnson resides in Vancouver, Canada and is best known as an International Magician & Escape Artist. When he’s not performing all over the world, he runs his YouTube channel Beer and Watches. A fun mix of the latest Watch Reviews, Watch News and Craft Beer Brews. It’s a lighthearted and honest look at watches with an emphasis on little known Micro Brand Watches.

Favorite watch: Égard Quantus V2-Mayan
Favorite strap: Beads of Rice



Hi! I’m Eve, I’m a watch enthusiast based in Manila, Philippines. I like classic watches that are on the smaller side and have an affinity for vintage watches and vintage-style watches. I make videos of watch reviews, tutorials, and short interviews featuring other members of the #watchfam.

Favorite watch: Rolex Datejust
Favorite strap: DASSARI Hand-Stitched Classic Leather Watch Band



As a fellow Father, Watch Enthusiast & Sneakerhead out of California, I thought it was time we brought these amazing worlds under one channel & page. I’m no watch expert or claim to know everything about the watch/sneaker world. But! What I do know, is I enjoy and appreciate the hell out of these TWO! The channel mixes it up with Watch reviews as well as Sneaker reviews and early looks. As for my Instagram if you love Photography, Sneakers, & Watches, expect to get a cool mixture of it all. #sneakersandwatches

Favorite watch: Ball Engineer III Marvelight
Favorite strap: Classic Suede Strap


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