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Don’t let your TAG Heuer timepiece look worn and shabby over time. You’ll be surprised to see the huge difference when you replace your watch strap! No need to spend a fortune or scour online stores to get a replacement. Browse StrapsCo’s wide-ranging selection of authentic quality TAG Heuer watch straps. 


There are replacement straps for every individual. Feeling sporty? Get a TAG Heuer rubber strap for your Formula 1. Choose different colors, or get them all to reflect your every mood! For that elegant feel, we recommend our Perforated Leather strap for your TAG Heuer Monaco or our Dassari G5 Italian Leather. 

About TAG Heuer 

TAG Heuer watches are known for their luxurious feel and rich history. In fact, the company may as well be an industry pioneer, having been producing timepieces for over a century. StrapsCo respects the brand by producing TAG Heuer bands that keep up with the same quality. Being renowned around the world, these watches only deserve the best quality you can find in a band without breaking the bank. 

Aside from TAG Heuer straps rubber, we also carry suede and stainless steel material. Pick a band for your specific watch size, whether it’s 18mm, 20mm, 21mm, or 22mm. If you need assistance, don’t forget to contact our customer service team! 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Can You Change the Band on a TAG Heuer Watch? 

The brand manufactured their watches to have their straps replaceable. After all, they designed each model around the band first. Wear your style by replacing your old preinstalled strap. StrapsCo offers a colorful range of TAG Heuer leather strap, which you can also have in rubber, stainless steel, and suede. 

You may replace your band yourself using a spring bar removal tool. Remove the spring bars from the watch’s lugs. Then you can install the new band. Make sure your band size matches the width of your watch’s body. Another option is to take your timepiece to your nearest repair services and get the band replaced there. 

How Do You Size a TAG Heuer Watch Band?

When choosing a replacement strap, you’ll need to determine the accurate strap size that suits your timepiece. Here are simple steps to determine which band size to get for your TAG Heuer model: 

  1. Check the back of your strap for more information about your timepiece. This includes the strap size. 
  2. See the manufacturer’s website, or Google your watch’s full model number. Simply keying in the name of the model may give you inaccurate results. 
  3. Use a caliper or a regular ruler with a millimeter scale to measure the internal lug width, which is usually the same width as that of the watch’s strap. The lugs are located on both ends of the watch’s body and connect the timepiece to the strap. 

If you need more information on how to properly install your new TAG Heuer replacement strap, check out our FAQ page. You can also contact our customer services team for assistance.