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Showing 1–24 of 43 results

Watch out for durable and affordable bands made for Fossil watches. Our collection includes cool and classy straps for the brand’s line of smartwatches. 


Are you looking for a stainless steel wrist bracelet or a leather strap for a watch? Shop our Fossil watches strap catalog, and sort by color, size, and price from low to high. 

Is Fossil a Good Watch?

One can assume that, for a company that started with watches, Fossil knows what it’s doing and has won awards for its offerings. A few years ago, the brand merged fashion and technology when it dabbled into smartwatches. 

The brand’s smartwatch collection includes the following:

  • Fossil Gen 5, which offers longer battery life
  • Fossil Gen 4, which tracks your heart rate and more
  • Fossil Sport, which acts as an all-around device 

Still, you’ll be the judge of the quality, including the durability of the bands that bear the brunt of everyday use. You can also search for reviews about the said wearable timepieces.  

Are Fossil Watch Straps Interchangeable?

Yes, these watches/smartwatches can have interchangeable straps and may be compatible with the brand’s other models/series. Changing bands makes your accessory more personalized and customized to fit your style.  

Check online for a wide assortment of straps and bands available and suitable for your timepiece. Choose by color, design, texture, and material for men and women.

Can You Change the Band on a Fossil Watch?

Yes, you can do so for as long as your timepiece features interchangeable straps. To install watch straps with quick-release spring bars, do the following:

  • Set the watch facedown on a towel or a soft surface to avoid scratching its face or body.
  • Find the quick-release lever found at the back of each strap, and push it toward the middle.
  • Pull out or slide the strap away from the lug. Do it on the other side
  • Attach the replacement bands (the one with the buckle goes to top lugs, and the longer one to the bottom lugs). 

To replace the band on a wristwatch with traditional spring bars, follow this guide.

How Long Are Fossil Watch Bands?

They are available in standard lengths expressed in millimeters. To ensure you get the correct size for your watch strap set, that is, not too short or too long, measure the current straps, and add the lengths of the long and short straps, excluding the buckle. Also, measure your wrist.  

The size of the watch bands is incomplete without the width, also in millimeters. Some straps have the number indicated on their inside or back. Another way is to measure the lug width or the distance between the watch lugs, as demonstrated here

Where Can You Buy Fossil Watch Straps? 

It’s true: bands can make or break the habit of wearing watches, especially those made for fitness and athletic activities. Breathable, lightweight, flexible, waterproof, trendy, and multipurpose are among the most sought-after qualities when shopping for watch bands. 

Swap your old Fossil watch or smartwatch straps for exciting ones at StrapsCo. We specialize in such products made of leather, stainless steel, rubber, and other high-quality materials. Free shipping applies with hassle-free returns. 

Whether for a traditional wristwatch or a smart gear, we have a huge selection of straps for top brands at low prices.