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How To Install & Remove A Watch Strap


In this guide, we will explain how to install a watch band with standard spring bars.

Step 1 – Removing the old strap


1) Lay the watch face down on a soft surface such as a microfiber cloth to avoid damaging the watch.


2) Hold the watch case with one hand while using the other hand to insert a spring bar removal tool in between the lug and the band. You will be able to feel the forked end of the tool catch the spring bar ridges.


3) Push the pin inwards towards the strap, guiding the pin out of the hole in the lug. Repeat this step for both sides of the watch.


Step 2 – Installing the new strap

1) Ensure that the buckle end is installed on the top side of the watch.


2) Place the spring bar into the strap. Note that some straps come with the spring bars already installed.


3) Position the strap in between the lug pinholes.


4) From here, you can compress the pin using the spring bar tool while sliding the spring bar itself securely into place between the lugs.


5) Repeat the previous step for both sides of the watch.


And that’s it… Your new strap should now be installed and ready to go! If there is something you would like to see us cover in one of our future “how-to” instructional guides, please let us know in the comments section below!


  1. Barbara Bozon

    Worked great! Thanks for the step by step. The tool was very helpful. I got the larger one.

  2. You need to include the step where you removed the pins which are preloaded in the strap. What a painful process that was.

  3. Please give tips on what other tool can be used if you don’t have the little strap tool instrument.

    1. Hi, I use the Bergeon Swiss screwdriver the “Red” banded which I think is 1.2mm, which usually works just fine removing spring bars and installing the spring bars back onto the watch case.

  4. Chris Holmes

    I have taken off and put on several straps. No 2 straps are the same and sometimes can be very difficult to take off and put on. Maybe you could make a video that shows some ways to handle these difficult straps.

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