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The Ultimate Guide to Tudor Watch Nicknames

Tudor had a solid showing at Watches & Wonders 2024 with a slate of new releases including Clair de Rose watches with blue dials, a monochromatic Black Bay 41, an 18k yellow gold Black Bay 58, and a Black Bay 58 GMT. Thanks to its black and red bezel, the latter of those new Tudor […]

Ultimate Guide To Watch Nicknames Header

The Ultimate Guide To Watch Nicknames

Rather than rattling off reference numbers, many in the watch collecting community like to depend on nicknames. It’s hard to deny that “Batman” is a lot easier to remember than “116710BLNR.” Not only is a watch nickname simpler to remember but it can also make it clear which specific watch model you’re referring to. For […]

Ultimate Guide To Omega Nicknames Header

The Ultimate Guide To OMEGA Nicknames

In the watch-collecting community, it is common to hear plenty of nicknames when referring to specific models. After all, it is much easier to remember a catchy nickname than the long string of digits that make up the official reference number of a watch. Although some watch enthusiasts object to the use of nicknames, it […]

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Bezels, Dials And Their Nicknames

In the watch world there are a lot of nicknames out there. We recently gave you a breakdown of some of the obscure nicknames that make up the past and present Seiko catalog, but there are plenty of other nicknames in the watch world that you need to be aware of. Primarily focusing on dials […]

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A Guide to Seiko Nicknames

The watch industry is chock-full of weird nicknames for different models, but Seiko really takes the cake. Rather than following the usual pattern of relating colors to nicknames, many Seikos are named after sea creatures, or other randomness. While we cannot necessarily trace back the origin story on all of these nicknames, we can certainly […]

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