Fitbit Sense Strap Style Guide Header

Fitbit Sense Strap Style Guide

When you wear a Fitbit Sense, you could be doing just about anything. It’s the everyday activity tracker that simply fits into a lifestyle the way sweat does during a workout. That’s already by design because the device is made to track all that activity, but there’s every reason to give it a greater sense […]

10 Ways Fitbit Helps Daily Life

10 Ways Your Fitbit Can Help Your Daily Life

Fitbit has made a name for itself as a set of wearable devices that track your daily activity to help keep you on a healthier track. But they’re not just your average activity trackers when you dig deeper and see how much they can do to help make life a little more convenient. Not all […]

Newest Smartwatches Of 2020 Header Final

The Newest Smartwatches of 2020 – Holiday Gift Guide

These days, smartwatches are no longer just about telling the time, tracking steps, or counting calories. They’ve been getting smarter every year, and many are now equipped with sensory technology that can better keep tabs on your heart, blood oxygen levels, and sleep quality. That’s just what this list is all about; These smartwatches released […]