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Best Watches To Gift Dad For Fathers Day Header

Best Watches to Gift Dad for Father’s Day

While it’s long been customary in certain circles for dads to give their children watches, why not turn the tables by surprising dad with a watch this Father’s Day? It doesn’t have to be lavish or expensive; just knowing that you took the time and effort to find him a watch that suits his taste […]

How To Replace A Watch Battery

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How To Take The Perfect Wrist Shot Header Final

How To Take The Perfect Wrist Shot

Wrist shots, the “selfies” of the modern watch enthusiast, are the perfect way to document your watch journey, whether for your social media or a personal photo album. With photo technology more available than ever, and powerful cameras and editing software built into our devices, it’s easier than ever to capture our wristwatches on the […]

Watch Movement Types Explained Header

Watch Movement Types Explained

Newcomers are typically enticed to the watch world because of appealing timepiece designs or the big brand names attached to them. However, once you hang out in this space long enough or listen to what seasoned watch enthusiasts have to say, you’ll soon hear plenty of discussions about watch movements. Are mechanical movements or quartz […]

How To Start A Watch Collection Header

How to Start a Watch Collection

We’ve all been there; you’ve just learned about the world of watches, and you figure it’s about time you start a collection of your own. With so many brands, watches, price points, and by extension—options, the task can feel daunting, if not outright overwhelming. Fortunately, we ourselves have been there and have learned a few […]

Guide To Watch Slang Header

Guide to Watch Slang

Every community or culture has a specific language, filled with phrases and words that are familiar to those on the inside—but perhaps a little perplexing to those just listening in. The watch community is no different with watch lingo that can be difficult to understand if you’re not well-versed in the jargon. And this is […]

Can Leather Watch Bands Get Wet Header

Can Leather Watch Bands Get Wet?

One commonly asked question we often get is whether or not it’s safe to get your leather watch band wet. Should you remove your leather watch strap before a swim or a shower? That is the question we hope to answer for you today. In short, no—you do not want to get your leather watch […]

Guide To Vintage Watch Collecting Header

A Guide to Vintage Watch Collecting

Vintage watch collecting is certainly not a new phenomenon—there have always been collectors interested in older timepieces. However, what is relatively recent is how widespread the interest in vintage watches has become. Thanks to the advent of online sites dedicated to vintage watch sales, as well as plenty of resources dedicated to the study of […]