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Showing all 15 results

Shop for replacement bands for Garmin Fenix 3 and Fenix 3 HR watches. Find straps that match the multisport watch, and transform its look in a flash. 


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What Is Garmin Fenix?

Garmin specializes in products, such as wearables and handheld/mounted devices that utilize the global positioning system (GPS) technology. Fenix is one of its smartwatch series and is known as a multisport range. As of this writing, Fenix 6 is the latest member of the family with a solar-charging capability.

Check out our entire collection of Garmin watch bands here.

What Are Top Features of Fenix 3?

The smartwatch is marketed as rugged and capable with outstanding features:

  • Light and thin appearance
  • Made for everyday use 
  • Features for fitness training, sports, and competition
  • Outdoor navigation 
  • Connect IQ platform compatibility 
  • Long battery life
  • Accessories, including watch bands 

The most significant difference between Fenix 3 and 3 HR is the latter’s Elevate wrist heart-rate monitor. 

How Do You Replace the Band on Your Fenix 3?

As a matter of preference and practicality, you can change the bands of your Fenix 3/HR device. Band material includes silicone, leather, and stainless steel. The steps to remove and replace straps depend on their type:

  • Garmin’s QuickFit 26 watch bands are compatible with the said smartwatches. They are known for replacing watch straps with a snap and probably the easiest way to replace wrist straps on Fenix 3/HR.
  • Screw-in straps are secured in place by screws found on both ends of the watch lugs. This operation requires both hands and two screwdrivers or tools, which can come with the replacement bands.

Use the first tool to turn the screw, and while holding it in that position, insert the second tool to unscrew the other end. Once the screw comes out, push the bar out to remove the strap. Repeat the process on the other strap. To attach a new band, position it between the lugs, and insert and secure the bar using the tools. 

If you are unsure which products will be compatible with your watch model or if you need help with replacing watch bands, contact our customer service. You can also consult our installation guides. 


Where to Buy Garmin Replacement Bands


StrapsCo has a wide selection of Garmin band-replacement products, including those designed to fit the Fenix 3 and HR watches. 

To ensure you buy the best Garmin watch-band set, refer to the product description for details on compatibility, material, length, and any inclusions to the package. You can also check out related accessories, such as chargers and screen protectors for your smartwatch. 

Reach out to your customer service for more information about our products and any exclusive offers. We offer free worldwide shipping with orders that are placed by 12:00 p.m. and shipped on the same day.