Classic Suede Strap
With Quick Release

$24.99 USD

Remove Your Old Strap
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  • Includes Quick Release Spring Bars
  • Short Length (not including buckle): 180mm (110/70)
  • Standard Length (not including buckle): 200mm (120/80)
  • Extra Long Length (not including buckle): 220mm (130/90)
  • Buckle: Brushed Silver
  • Thickness: 3.25mm
  • Material: Suede with Leather Backing
  • Product color may differ from picture depending on computer/mobile screen.
  • SKU: st34

StrapsCo’s classic suede watch band is one of our most comfortable and stylish watch straps that we carry! We’ve produced this popular style in a huge range of colors, sizes and lengths such as short, standard and extra long. This classic style will suit almost any timepiece. It features contour stitching, a solid brushed stainless steel buckle, and a durable condensed leather backing.

Short Length

Width (watch end):16mm18mm19mm20mm21mm22mm24mm
Width (buckle end):14mm16mm16mm16mm18mm18mm20mm
Short Piece Length (excl. buckle):70mm70mm70mm70mm70mm70mm70mm
Long Piece Length:110mm110mm110mm110mm110mm110mm110mm
Total Length (excl. buckle):180mm180mm180mm180mm180mm180mm180mm


Standard Length

Width (watch end):16mm18mm19mm20mm21mm22mm24mm
Width (buckle end):14mm16mm16mm16mm18mm18mm20mm
Short Piece Length (excl. buckle):80mm80mm80mm80mm80mm80mm80mm
Long Piece Length:120mm120mm120mm120mm120mm120mm120mm
Total Length (excl. buckle):200mm200mm200mm200mm200mm200mm200mm


Extra Long Length

Width (watch end):16mm18mm19mm20mm21mm22mm24mm
Width (buckle end):14mm16mm16mm16mm18mm18mm20mm
Short Piece Length (excl. buckle):90mm90mm90mm90mm90mm90mm90mm
Long Piece Length:130mm130mm130mm130mm130mm130mm130mm
Total Length (excl. buckle):220mm220mm220mm220mm220mm220mm220mm


  1. Daniel (verified owner)

    Purchased a green and yellow strap. They both looks nice and well made however, the keeper for the yellow one is quite large compared to the green one so the yellow strap looks sloppy compared to the green one. The quality for the price point is good.

  2. Dominique Poupart (verified owner)

    The tan color I have ordered is very yellow and not so tan. I almost returned it for being the wrong color. The quality is excellent and it does look nice, but do not expect a typical tan color.

  3. Ben Rosenberg (verified owner)

    I love Strapsco and I have some great straps to show for it, but I’ve had too many misses with these suede straps. Received a gray with sunken spring bar pullers and way too big keepers. Was sent another (due to having been sent the wrong size) and it had the same issues. I’ve noticed on several of these colors, the keepers are too big and therefore look and feel sloppy. However only with the gray variant did I have the sunken spring bar puller knobs. I wonder if the gray is a specific leather that is thicker maybe? Not too sure but it’s a big bummer because I love the look of these suede straps. They could be thinner but they look and feel pretty good. Anyway, I wouldn’t recommend the gray variant and I do love this company, so take it all for what it’s worth.

  4. stragier.p (verified owner)

    The color is true to the pictures. The stitching is good. The sealing is clean. The buckle isn’t sharp. Overall it’s a great product for the price in my opinion.

  5. Robdob Bendidix

    I have 3 sets of these suede straps and I really dig them, though I do wish they came with better buckles instead of these stamped disposable buckles. I changed all of mine out for better buckles but wish I didn’t have to. Other than the buckles, these look amazing on vintage style watches and I’ll definitely will be buying more!

  6. Kathi York (verified owner)

    I have a Timex Weekender and had an old slide through fabric strap that I couldn’t get clean. Timex was less than helpful on recommendations that fit my watch and had very few choices and colors. I was specifically looking for a blue leather band and easily found several on Strapsco!! I actually expected this suede band to be thin and flimsy but it is very well made and just a beauty. I am thrilled I discovered Strapsco and glad Timex was rude to me lol! I highly recommend.

  7. drsaifpatel29 (verified owner)

    Love it. I can say it compares very well to a much more expensive similar strap i picked up from Hodinkee and now wonder why they charge so much. This is such a beautifully finished strap and perfectly made.

  8. Tarik Gracic (verified owner)

    I am very pleased with the quality of this strap 🙂

  9. R Brown (verified owner)

    The blue suede was the perfect combo I was looking for and with the quick change spring bar, it’s a home run. Great feel and quality. Online color was very true to real life color.

  10. Sterling Haynes (verified owner)

    I put the green suede watch strap on my vintage Soviet Start watch. It looks amazing on the golf course! I am very happy with my purchase.

  11. Cian Liuts (verified owner)

    Very good quality, came on time and packaged adequately.

  12. logan holmberg (verified owner)

    Just got a green one to put on my gold Citizen promaster. It took a watch I was thinking about dumping and turned it into a watch that is now in rotation. A+ in my books so far. It’s nice and thick too so I think it will hold up.

  13. tim (verified owner)

    Came right on time.
    Very nice construction, appears to b e very durable.
    Great shade of grey, adds greatly to appearance of my watch.
    Comfortable on wrist.
    No hesitancy to buy again.

  14. Greg (verified owner)

    Really love the Grey Suede strap! Fits the watch great! Exactly the look I wanted. I got XL because some straps don’t seem quite long enough and it’s almost too long. Strapsco is generous with their size so will order normal size next time! Great straps!

  15. Ron Magnan (verified owner)

    This is a Great Strap for the sport watch I put it on.
    Lots of people asking where to buy a Red Strap like it.
    Great feel once on the wrist.

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