NATO Watch Straps

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If you’re a watch enthusiast or would gladly call yourself a horophile, you’ve probably heard of the amazing benefits of the NATO straps. These watch straps were originally made by the British for wartime usage, as they were perfect for the battlefield. While the world is no longer at war, the NATO strap should be a standard strap set for any hands-on worker, as it’s durable, snug, and quite stylish with any outfit.


Usually made of nylon, we create a variety of materials to fit your preferred fashion taste. Right now, we have a variety of leather,  carbon fiber, canvas, Italian silk, and the unique seat belt, with a color set that ranges from classic black to youthful light blue hues. What’s perfect about this strap set is that it fits almost all watches, and it has the best width for any wrist size.


Frequently Asked Questions


What Does NATO Mean?

NATO in the NATO strap name means North Atlantic Treaty Organization, but these straps originated from the British Ministry of Defence Standard in 1973 and were originally called the G10 strap. The name was derived from the form called G1098 for soldiers to get the strap for the battlefield. 

Back then, it only came in one color – a grey nylon NATO strap for everyone. The standard width is 20 mm for this watch strap, and it can usually fit any watch model you can find. As of now, we offer colors ranging from classic black to quirky shades.


Who Makes the Best NATO Straps?

 As of this moment, the crown is given to David Lane Horween with a price tag of $175 in their store. If you want a NATO strap for your watch but with a more affordable price tag, StrapsCo is perfect as it gives you a wide variety of NATO styles and materials for your timepiece. We offer different width options for you too, depending on your wrist size.


How Does a NATO Strap Work?  

Unlike the common timepiece that’s split into two bands, the NATO belt is made from one piece of material that has the perfect width and length for any watch and wrist size. The longer NATO passes through the timepiece’s dial underneath, snugly fitting in both spring bars. Intertwine the shorter NATO strap with the longer one. Make sure the short one is under the dial to secure your watch.


What Is the Difference Between a Zulu and a NATO Strap?

While somewhat similar in appearance and width, there is a difference between Zulu and NATO straps. The Zulu only has one long strap that passes through the spring bars, and it usually has thicker locks and buckles. NATO has two straps, and it commonly has thinner and squared-off buckles. It usually has a more stylish and professional finish compared to the other.

If you hope to find the best straps for your new watch, consider getting these NATO watch straps for extra endurance and elevate your style with any outfit. Whether your option is black or brown, our NATO straps are perfect for you – from width to style.

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