Elastic One-Piece Strap

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  • Sizes: 19mm, 20mm, 21mm, 22mm
  • Material: Nylon
  • Total Length: 122mm – 227mm
  • Thickness: 1.5mm
  • Product color may differ from picture depending on computer/mobile screen.
  • SKU: nt6

Whether you’re looking to expand your watch strap collection, or wanting to update the look of your timepiece, StrapsCo’s elastic one-piece strap is a great option. The metal slider makes finding the right length simple and the elastic nylon fabric stretches to offer a comfortable fit around your wrist.

Width at Lug End (Watch End):18mm20mm21mm22mm
Width at Clasp End:18mm20mm21mm22mm
Total Length (excl. buckle):122mm – 227mm122mm – 227mm122mm – 227mm122mm – 227mm


7 reviews for Elastic One-Piece Strap

  1. ongxa888 (verified owner)

    Just ordered them second time. Very comfortable. However the strap is only 1.5 mm thick. If Strapco makes the strap to 2.0 mm thick, it would be perfect.

  2. ericdkim1231 (verified owner)

    Way too comfortable. Unbelievable. I’ve wearing it with my SPB143 for few days and quite satisfying. Watch case, as diver should be, is heavy and I was worried if the strap won’t hold its weight but no problem so far.
    One thing to consider is, since this strap is thin and curves sharp on string bars, smaller case and curvy shape looks better in my opinion. SARB017>>>SPB143

  3. Sylvain B. Cote (verified owner)

    I’m really satisfied with my two Marine Nationale straps that I’ve bought. I chose another Marine Nationale strap as the 3rd one was free. Good store. Good Service.

  4. John (verified owner)

    This is a great strap! I’ve been enjoying using it on a variety of watches (Steeldive 1970, Serica 4512, Zodiac Super Seawolf 53 Skin, etc); it looks great on everything. Attaching the hook is sometimes a little tricky but once it’s on, the on-the-fly adjustment is so nice. Definitely recommend!

  5. Al K. (verified owner)

    Got mine (with the Marine Nationale pattern) in the mail today. The most comfortable watch strap I own! The strap revives an old Seiko 5 beater that I had buried in my closet for years. I see more of these types of straps, from Strapsco, in my near future!

  6. Shaun D (verified owner)

    Picked up the Army Green and Yellow for my SARB017 and couldn’t be happier. Strap is super comfortable and looks great. Will definitely get a ton of use this summer on the beach and in the pool.

  7. Mark Barrett (verified owner)

    So i found these looking for my omega seamaster 300, i was also drawn to this style more since im Airborne qualified and it matched my red beret nicely. Really cool that i am to wear something that closely relates to the canopy release system.


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