Shark Mesh Watch Band

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Shark Mesh Band In Rose Gold + sbt1 Small Spring Bar Remover Tool
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High quality shark mesh strap in stainless steel.

  • Sizes: 18mm, 20mm, 22mm, 24mm
  • Colors: Silver, Matte Black, Yellow Gold, Rose Gold
  • Thickness: 4mm
  • Material: 316L Stainless Steel
  • Spring Bars Included
  • Product color may differ from picture depending on computer/mobile screen.
  • SKU: m1
Maximum Length:170mm170mm170mm170mm
Minimum Length:165mm165mm165mm165mm


16 reviews for Shark Mesh Watch Band

  1. greg_christine (verified owner)

    Update: The band was too loose. I have a 6.5 inch/165 mm wrist. I bought the 165 mm length band for a watch with a 48 mm lug-to-lug distance. I set the band on the shortest of the three micro-adjustment positions. I cut off four rows of links (two rows at each end) using a dremel tool. The band now fits just fine.

  2. John (verified owner)

    First off—it’s a $30 strap with the specs I bought. Let’s take that into account with all these reviews expecting it to be comparable to something that costs multiple hundreds.

    Is it good, durable, comfortable, and attractive? Absolutely.

    Is it immaculate jewelry? Of course not. It cost $30.

    I’ve put mine on a ‘39 Omega Suverän and I’m convinced it’s made the watch infinitely more attractive. Sure, it’s a little loose—but Esquire and GQ recently pointed out that lots of celebrities/notable watch sporters are embracing exactly that as the current style here in 2023.

    All that said, 5 stars. As soon as I have another watch that needs another mesh bracelet, I’ll order another and be just as happy when someone compliments my $30 bracelet.

  3. michaelbayer1979 (verified owner)

    The clasp – While the main clasp fastens securely, the fold-over security tab doesn’t close properly, and hangs upwards about 2mm. The actual holes in the side of the tab are drilled in the wrong spot (about 0.5mm off from where they should be).

    The bracelet – I have a small wrist (6.25″), so I knew I’d need to take links out. And I tried. And then I bought specialized cutting pliers (2 different pairs) in an attempt to cut links. The cutting pliers cannot exert enough force to cut the links, but will bend the links very easily. Basically, despite my best efforts, the bracelet isn’t any shorter, and isn’t in a state that I can return it.

    I’d highly recommend staying away from this watch strap, and going with one of the other alternatives on this website. If it wasn’t for the “buy 2, get 1 free”, where I happen to be VERY happy with my other two straps, I’d probably be more upset than I am.

  4. T Nickels (verified owner)

    Very happy with this bracelet! Had to remove several rows with a dremel and pliers. No sharp edges, very comfortable.Can’t beat it for the money.

  5. I A

    Had this on a Casio edifice looks amazing stands out from the crowd. OK had to cut a few rows out but that wasn’t much of an issue when I got the right tool. Only reason for 4 stars is the lock mechanism needed adjusting to make it work but that can be done by hand by bending it slightly.

  6. Eugene Summers (verified owner)

    Unfortunately, it was way too big. I needed a heavy-duty steel wire cutter to remove the extra links (about 1 inch +). Other wise, it’s real nice and a good value.

  7. Alfredo (verified owner)

    I bought it for a Mondaine watch. As others have commented, I wouldn’t recommend this strap for somebody with a thin wrist. I have had to cut three link lines to make it fit to mine

  8. Eric Kamov

    At the cost – a nice strap! – I cut the superflous links with a plier (as I did when fitting the same kind
    of shark strap for an Omega Seamaster 600 I had), in this instance, the steel strap are worn with my
    Breitling Colt Chronograph, which works good. (Considering switching to the matte black edition)……

  9. IGNACIO (verified owner)


  10. Kim Briggs (verified owner)

    These are fantastic. Far better than what I thought. Really first quality and a true bargain for the price, comfortable on the wrist and very classy. I am extremely happy with these.

  11. Anthony HARRIS (verified owner)

    These mesh straps look good and feel comfortable on the wrist.
    Not easy to adjust if, beyond the length adjustment allowed by the spring-bars, you need to remove some links from the strap!
    There are some occasional, very sharp edges at the side of the strap, which isn’t a good feature!

  12. C.Rosa (verified owner)

    Not a bad mesh strap looks good great price my only complaint is the adjustments my wrist is 7.25 and at its shortest still feels loose. and make sure you squeeze clasp to make sure it locks in place. Still a keeper..

  13. Jack T (verified owner)

    The bracelet is pretty good quality BUT the adjustments are not that great.
    I wear most of my watches at about 7.5 + on my wrist – I have never had
    a bracelet I couldn’t adjust to fit properly, but this one with the clasp in as
    tight as it would go – was still way loose!
    I had to use a dremel to cut the links and re-fit the pins – it wasn’t too bad
    if your good with tools and have a dremel but id not – beware on the wearable
    size of this bracelet……………

  14. M. Carvalho (verified owner)

    The bracelet is not made up of individual links as one may think. Each row is actually a single strand that is coiled over and interlocked with the previous row. This causes the edge of each strand to be exposed at the end. While effort was taken to bend in and dull the edges, you do notice some sharpness, but it is not enough to cut yourself on. While other Mesh bracelets found on StapsCo have machined clasps, this one has a stamped clasp. While not as nice as a machined clasp, the stamped clasp is made of a thicker gage of steel than most cheap ones and is quite nice. The brushed clasp compliments the polished mesh really well. There are only 3 micro adjustments on the clasp, so be sure your wrist size is close the measured length plus the lug-to-lug length of the watch. In conclusion I would recommend the strap to anyone looking for a mesh strap that also has the appropriate wrist size. It is a quality product for a great price.

  15. belltower007 (verified owner)

    This is a very good-looking, comfortable-fitting band. It doesn’t compare to a similar one made by Breitling, of course, but for the price it is well worth buying. I’d definitely recommend it to anyone.

  16. J. Simmons (verified owner)

    Great to deal with Strapsco. This is not my first purchase and it went a smoothly as the others. Great communications and fast shipping. The value for $$$ of this mesh strap is excellent and would not hesitate to order again from them.

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