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If you’re a bona fide horophile, you’ve probably heard of the mesh watch bands that are taking the fashion world by storm. Simple yet elegant, these stainless steel watch straps are perfect for any occasion and can withstand any usage for any task. Mesh bands by StrapsCo are made from quality stainless steel and come with a wide array of colors, solely depending on your style and what your taste is.



Aside from offering these stylish watch strap sets to classic timepieces, we also offer these to your Apple devices. Our Apple mesh watch band is made with durable metal to keep your device snug and safe on your wrist. Our mesh watch strap design is made to last and to keep your wrist comfy while ensuring the security of your precious timepiece. 


Made to last, this specific bracelet design is crafted with care and delicately woven for a sophisticated look. No matter what kind of dial you have – classic or digital – it brings out the best in you. The width and material of the straps are taken into consideration to ensure happy customers.


From Milanese watch bands to a newer design of mesh straps, we have a wide selection to fit your watch and style. With a variety of colors to fit the dial of your favorite watch, you can finally mix and match depending on your mood and activity. Find the best style and color that ranges from silver to black here! 


Frequently Asked Questions  


Are Mesh Watch Bands Good?

Mesh watch band sets are made with stainless steel chains delicately woven together; they are comparatively better than leather if you live in a more tropical location. Aside from being stylish, this kind of bracelet is better as it doesn’t tangle arm hair, it is breezy and lightweight, and it has a longer lifespan compared to leather straps.


The Milanese watch band sets are both stylish and more intricate compared to other straps, and they are sure to amp up your outfit. It’s also made from stainless steel, so it gives that modern-meets-classic vibe in any combination you choose. It’s also considered a go-to strap for most professionals as it is flexible, which is ideal for both casual and formal attire. 


What Is a Mesh Watch Band?

As the name depicts, the mesh watch band is made of stainless steel wire and is woven intricately for a sophisticated look or for one that is more masculine, depending on how it’s styled. This strap is made usually from durable steel and is popular for most professionals who want a more flexible look.


The strap usually comes with a metal clasp to secure the watch on your wrist, but modern renditions allow it to function as a belt and buckle, like the classic leather watch. Depending on your taste, StrapsCo provides a selection of mesh bracelets for people with varying tastes.



Are Mesh Watch Bands Adjustable?

While not as simple as the leather strap you’re probably used to, it is, in fact, adjustable. To adjust the strap, simply use a small flathead screwdriver to open the clasp. Place the head of the screwdriver in the small hole of the clasp. Pry it gently to open it, and you can adjust it to any length you want.


If you’re done adjusting your band, close the clasp and wear it to check if it’s a better fit. If you’re unsure if you can change it yourself, you can go to a professional instead of risking the bracelet. However, the design is mostly fail-proof, and you can do it whenever you need to.