Vintage Leather Watch Straps

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Showing 1–24 of 71 results

Give your watch a touch of exclusive style with a vintage leather watch band. Pick a classic look for your classic watch. Check out why getting these watch band leather accessories can be one of the best style decisions you’ll ever make.

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Classic Look

These straps bring a classy and elegant look to your watch.The vintage style also matches well for all sorts of occasions.

Diverse Color Combinations

You aren’t limited to just brown or black colors for these accessories. Get the look you like when choosing among a wide selection of vintage watch strap colors.

Different Lengths

The best watch straps do not only offer amazing style options. The right fit should also be prioritized. These leather watch bands come in different lengths to fit comfortably for all sorts of wrist sizes.

Wonderful Design Features

Another highlight these vintage watch bands have is the subtle design enhancements found on the straps. Choose from design elements like a distressed effect or a large buckle lock to get the style that will match your personality.

Compatible for All Sorts of Watch Brands

A good vintage watch leather band will also work well with all sorts of watches. Select from different choices, such as leather watch bands to get the right strap for your preferred brand.

How to Take Care of Your Leather Watch Straps

Make the most out of your leather vintage bands. Here’s what you need to know to maintain these straps.


Watch Out for Moisture

Leather tends to absorb dirt and sweat easily. Depending on the type, leather can also be sensitive to all sorts of liquids. Take extra care that your straps aren’t directly exposed to moisture.

Physical Damage

As compared to metal or rubber watch bands, leather may be more prone to physical damage. Match your strap with the activity you’re currently doing. You do not want to use these bands for underwater sports and other active lifestyle events.

How to Clean Your Vintage Watch Band Accessory

Proper maintenance involves knowing how to clean your bands.

  1. Before cleaning, make sure your vintage strap is properly separated from the watch.
  2. Inspect the strap thoroughly.
  3. If you spot any dirt, carefully wipe the area with a piece of dry cloth.
  4. Consider using a jewelry polishing cloth or a microfiber cloth when cleaning the strap.
  5. After wiping the strap dry, apply some water and soap to the cloth.
  6. Make sure the cloth is damp. You do not want to apply too much moisture on the surface to damage it.
  7. Rub the strap gently with the damp cloth. Make sure to do this for the entire surface of the band.
  8. Rinse the cloth after you’ve thoroughly rubbed the band. Make sure that no soap is left on the cloth when rinsing it. 
  9. Squeeze out any excess water from the washing cloth. Wipe the band clean once the cloth is damp. Make sure that all soap residue on the strap is removed.
  10. Inspect the strap for any remaining residue that needs to be wiped off. Once free from any residue, leave the strap out to air dry.
  11. Consider applying some jewelry or watch leather conditioner once the vintage leather has dried off. This should make the strap cleaner and last longer.

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