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The Best Dive Watches Under $1,000

If there’s one segment of the watch market flooded with options, it’s dive watches. This is great news for buyers as that translates to plenty of options at a wide range of price points. For instance, the sub-$1,000 dive watch market is rich with choices, ranging from big brands to micro brands, modern to retro-inspired, […]

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Rolex Submariner: History & Evolution

The Rolex Submariner is arguably the world’s most famous dive watch, often copied but never duplicated. Naturally, Rolex has updated and evolved the watch throughout the Submariner’s seven-decade history. However, despite all the improvements, the brand has ensured that the Submariner has retained its iconic design language. As a result, Submariner watches, whether from the […]

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Top 7 Best Pepsi Bezel Watches

Many of the design elements that we find stylish on a watch today first came about as a necessary feature. Function becomes form, if you will. Think rotating dive bezels (for tracking immersion times), large hands and hour markers (for better legibility), and oversized crowns (for a better grip with gloves). Another great example is […]

One Watch Four Looks Seiko Turtle Prospex Header

One Watch, Four Looks: Seiko Turtle

The Seiko Prospex ref. SRP777K1 is one of many watches to be nicknamed by collectors and enthusiasts, and is colloquially referred to as the Seiko ‘Turtle’ due to its cushion shape resembling that of a turtle’s shell. One of Seiko’s most iconic and collectable watches, it features an automatic movement, a water-resistance rating of 200 […]

Best Submariner Homage Watches Header

7 Best Submariner Homage Watches

While the word “iconic” is overused in the luxury watch world, the Rolex Submariner is one watch that is well-deserving of that title. Born in 1953 as a tool watch for the then-nascent sport of SCUBA diving, the Submariner has grown to become one of the most—if not the most—famous high-end watches ever made. However, […]

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The Best Dive Watches Under $2,000

Within the various styles of watches, the dive watch stands out as one of the most popular—regardless if it’s ever used for scuba diving. Sporty in design, robust in construction, and highly water-resistant, many watch wearers turn to diving watches as their daily timepiece. While there are plenty of expensive dive watches out there made […]

Rolex Submariner Price Guide Header

Rolex Submariner Price Guide

It has been said many times before, but only because it’s true: the Rolex Submariner is the world’s most famous diver’s watch. Born in the 1950s as a tool watch for scuba divers and eventually evolving into a must-have status sports watch, the Submariner is often imitated, but never duplicated. The Submariner’s popularity has resulted […]

History Of Seiko Dive Watches

The History of Seiko Dive Watches

For dive watch enthusiasts, it’s hard to beat the appeal of Seiko dive watches. Rather than so-called desk divers, which may look and work like a dive watch but have probably never been deeper than a hot tub, Seiko dive watches are constructed for actual scuba diving by adhering to the ISO 6425 standard. Plus, […]

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