Match Your 21mm Watch Strap with Your Style

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Showing 1–24 of 76 results

Like other accessories, watches also need to match your fashion taste. Don’t settle for generic straps. Have a strap that matches your daily outfit.


That’s why you need to have new watch straps for your 21mm watch.

You’ve probably wondered, can watch straps be replaced?  

Yes, they can, and StrapsCo has the solution for you.

Easily Replaceable Straps Just for You

StrapsCo thinks of your comfort. That’s why their straps have integrated quick-release spring bars. 

In just seconds, you can replace straps with ease. And more importantly, you don’t need special tools to do it. 

Whether you’re at the gym and going straight to work, you can easily replace your sports strap with a leather band. 

Stand Out with Leather Straps

Formal functions require you to dress formally and appropriately. It may be black tie, semi-formal, or business casual. 

And when it comes to formal occasions, leather is your friend. It works well with formal wear.

Even with an old watch, leather can make it appear new.

Crocodile leather works best for solemn occasions like weddings, baptisms, or funerals. However, it can also be used for corporate functions. 

Pebbled leather provides a classic look. It is versatile and works best on any occasion. It is your go-to band if you’re unsure. Aside from that, it is one of the most recognized designs.

Classic hand-stitched leather is perfect for a minimalist look. It has a smooth texture and a single color. A 21mm NATO strap is the best example. It doesn’t get too much attention and blends well with clothing.

Vintage leather is intricate and rigid. Pairing it with formal clothing is challenging. It doesn’t blend easily. But, once you get the right combinations, it can stand out and make you look fancy.

Do More with Rubber Straps

A 21mm band works well for active people. It is perfect for athletes, coaches, gym-goers, and fitness professionals.

Active people with 21mm watches must have rubber watch straps. They are comfortable to wear and sweat-friendly. Unlike fabric and leather, rubber doesn’t absorb sweat.

Swimmers can also use rubber watch bands. Whether it’s pool water or seawater, you don’t need to worry about the residue. It’s easy to clean with soap and water.

Aside from that, a new rubber watch band can make your old watches look brand new.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Is the Meaning of “21mm”?

The measurement 21mm pertains to the width of the watch band itself.

2. Do the Sizes of Watch Straps Matter?

Yes! Watch straps have different sizes, and the same applies to watches. Not all straps can fit in all watches. Watches, both old and new, have different lug widths. Always check the width of your watch and the strap you want.

3. What Is a Lug Width?

It is the length of the buckle that holds the watch band. A 21mm band will fit a watch with a lug width of 21mm. However, 20mm bands can also fit on 21mm watches.