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History Of Watch Bands Header

The History of Watches & Watch Bands

Three Queens, a Hungarian Countess, a young girl, a German Emperor, an Argentinian aviation pioneer and several wars make for an unusual combination that leads to a rather potted history of the watch strap’s evolution! If you’ll kindly excuse the pun, the invention of the wrist watch goes hand-in-glove with the watch strap! Here’s our […]

History Of The Nato Strap Header

History of the NATO Strap

Camo print, cargo pants, combat boots — The military has long been a source for fashion trends, with top designers transforming what was once utilitarian, standard-issue gear into must-haves for the style-savvy. Take one look at the abundance of military-inspired timepieces available today, and it’s obvious that the watch world has wholeheartedly embraced this look and […]

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