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Showing 1–24 of 273 results

Telling time isn’t the only reason why you should have a watch.

A watch is a great addition to any outfit because it shows off your personality and tastes.


Luckily, watches come in various styles to suit different occasions and preferences. 

When choosing a new watch, you’ll want to consider the right size first before deciding on the style, color, and design.

How Big Is a 22mm Watch Band?

A 22mm watch band tends to be on the bigger and wider side.

Size matters when purchasing watch bands. The lug and strap should be the same width so the watch is snug.

22mm lug widths go with watch bands that are 22mm wide.

If you already have a watch, you can check its lug width so you can buy a new watch strap in the proper size. Most watches have a lug width of 18mm or 22mm.

While there are no rigid rules or calculations when choosing the size of your watch, 22mm watch straps may better suit those with larger wrists. Then again, it’s all about preference and comfort.

The watch should fit just right to let you carry on the day comfortably. It shouldn’t be too tight to dig into your skin, nor too loose to slide around your arm.

3 Types of Watches You Should Have

You should have three different watches:

A dress watch for formal and business wear. Formal wear often goes best with leather watch straps and simple bezels.

A casual watch that best matches your casual outfits and common activities. This could have a leather, metal, rubber, or nylon watch strap.

A watch for special conditions or a sport band watch. It’s usually a rubber or nylon strap, which is ideal for activities that involve physical movements.

It’s usually the material of the watch strap that determines which outfit and occasion it suits best.

Even though you don’t have three individual watches, you can transform one watch into multiple for different occasions.

Why Buy Different Watch Bands?

You don’t have to buy a new watch to suit every occasion.

Instead, you can buy new watch straps that match your wardrobe for different occasions.

Pay attention to the material and color of the strap, and evaluate if the strap you’re about to purchase matches your style and wardrobe.

Even if you don’t have events or occasions to attend, it’s still a good idea to invest in watch bands.

With several watch bands to choose from, you can switch them up from time to time so they don’t wear out too soon. You can also match the color of your band with the color of your outfit.

If you’re looking for new 22mm watch bands, then you’re in the right place to shop!

At StrapsCo, there is a wide array of 22mm watch straps to choose from. You’ll definitely find your style here. Go ahead and see for yourself!