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In this guide, we will demonstrate how to adjust the length of our mesh strap with clasp, such as the thin mesh strap and the older version of the mesh band for Fitbit Inspire. We recommend using a spring bar tool for this process, however you may also use a small screwdriver or other small prying tool that you may already have on hand.

STEP (1): Begin by releasing the outer latch, which can be done by using your thumbnail to pry it open, as shown below.


STEP (2): Lift the outer latch away from the strap, and unhook it from the clasp so that the inner latch is exposed.


STEP (3): Next, release the inner latch. To do so, use the spring bar tool (or other small prying tool) to pry open the latch, as shown in the animation below.


STEP (4): Once the inner latch has been released, you can freely slide the clasp up or down along the strap to adjust the length, as needed.


STEP (5): Once the clasp has been adjusted appropriately, close the inner latch by pressing down on it firmly with your thumb.


STEP (6): Make sure that the inner latch has been closed securely.


STEP (7): Reattach the outer latch by hooking it back onto the clasp. To do this, reverse the process from STEP (1) and (2).