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Showing 1–24 of 193 results

Build Your 24mm Watch Band Collection With StrapsCo

A watch is both a symbol of utility and elegance. Many people like to wear watches that match their style and routine. That’s why they prefer having several watch bands for different occasions and activities.


Watch bands differ in material and design. Every strap has a specific purpose. Thus, it’s time to level up your taste in wearing watch straps.

Whether it’s for you, for her or for him, StrapsCo has different straps designs that you wouldn’t find in local shopping outlets.

FAQ: How Long Is 24mm?

First-timers often encounter difficulty when it comes to watch sizes. But don’t you worry. Here’s a simple explanation about watch sizes.

Watch bands have different sizes. The measurement “24mm” refers to the width of the strap. It is also the basis of what strap size you need to buy.

A 24mm watch strap can fit into a 24mm lug width. In some cases, it can fit perfectly in a 23mm lug width, too.

However, a watch band 24mm in width will not fit with a 20mm lug. 

Look Sharp and Smart with Leather

Leather is a watch strap material that is often associated with class and sharpness. Many stylists would prefer leather for formal occasions.

At StrapsCo, you’ll find a variety of leather bands that match your style. 


Minimal and velvety: Those are the two words that describe StrapsCo’s Suede bands. StrapsCo’s Suede collection comes in different earthy tones. 

From deep chocolate brown to rusty red, you’ll surely find the right strap for your overall outfit.

Crocodile Embossed

StrapsCo’s Crocodile Embossed strap collection is for the extravagant. The texture of the leather works well with city fashion or an urban jungle.

With colors ranging from black to maroon and several bright colors, you can choose bright colors for a formal yet flexible look, or dark colors for a formal and rigid look.

Flexible and Snappy with Rubber

Rubber watch bands 24mm in width are common for active people. People who love to go on adventures will surely love this.

Whether it’s for a workout or some underwater adventure, rubber will not disappoint. It’s waterproof, easy to clean, and comfortable to wear.

Rubber Strap with Stitching

For people who would like to get the look of leather but the feel of rubber, a strap with stitching is the best match.

The stitching on both sides of the bands imitates the “sewn” design of leather straps. 

Perforated Bands

Are you looking for a modern look? Perforated straps are the real deal. The perforations on the strap’s body give it a sophisticated look.

Get Your Straps Now at StrapsCo

Having different 24mm watch bands for every occasion is a must. Having the right watch strap can level up your overall look.

Buy watch straps 24mm in width at StrapsCo now. They offer free shipping worldwide. Aside from that, they have a “Buy 2 Get 1 Free” promo.

Buy two straps now and get one free strap of choice. Increase your strap collection while enjoying free shipping.