The 19mm Watch Strap Collection for You

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Showing 1–24 of 65 results

Watches come and go. What’s attractive today may not be the same tomorrow. New models get released, and the old ones are phased out.


But who said old watches couldn’t look new? Who said new watches couldn’t have a fresher look?

No one.

That’s why buying watch straps can make your old watch look new. Moreover, new watches can match your style with the right watch strap.

Friendly Straps for You

StrapsCo’s watch bands have quick release spring bars to make it easier to change straps.

You don’t need to bring special tools to change your 19mm watch straps. Just click, release, and you’ll be amazed by how fast you can change straps.

In a matter of seconds, you can have a different strap that matches your outfit or activity.

The Watch Strap That Matches You

Everyone has their sense of fashion. The same goes for watch bands. 

Your watch strap must state your style. 

Here at StrapsCo, you can choose from a variety of leather and NATO straps that can go well with your taste in fashion.

Leather for Formal Events and Functions

Nothing can go wrong with leather when it comes to formal functions.

Whether it’s work-related or celebratory events, leather is your go-to material. That’s why you must have a leather strap collection to choose from.

But, StrapsCo got you covered. Start building your collection or improve your current collection now.

The 19mm leather watch strap varieties available here can help you choose the best strap to match your style.

Embossed Croc leather watch bands can give you an aristocratic aura. Going to themed events or gatherings with this kind of strap will surely make you feel like royalty.

For a professional look, vintage leather watch bands are the best match. You can use this strap during corporate or academic events. Feel smart and look smart with this kind of band.

Don’t forget to match the color of your leather watch strap with other leather accessories like belts and shoes.

NATO Straps for Flexibility and Adaptability

There’s a particular interest in NATO bands after being used for James Bond movies.

Setting movie references aside, a 19mm NATO strap is perfect for those who are active.

You can use NATO watch bands for work and play (and bragging rights for Bond fanatics).

Some NATO straps work well with formal events. Consider the color, design, and overall effect first before making a decision.

Be flexible and adaptable with this kind of strap, and level up your performance during work and play.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Does 19mm Mean?

The measurement 19mm refers to the width of the watch band. The same can also be the lug width.

  • What Is a Lug Width?

It is where you attach the watch strap. It varies in size depending on the model and brand of the watch.

  • Will a 19mm Strap Fit a 20mm Watch?

Yes! It also works vice-versa. A 19mm watch can hold a 20mm strap.