20mm Watch Bands

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Showing 1–24 of 266 results

Get the 20mm Watch Band Strap That Fits Your Lifestyle! Living in a fast-paced environment is not an easy feat. Each second counts. That’s enough of a reason to make sure your watch adapts to the changing times.

Your watch strap plays a vital role in your daily activities. The material and fitness of your watch bands can affect your efficiency and productivity.


And who said you could only have one watch strap? Buy and wear different watch straps that best fit your daily activities without the risk of going out of style. 

Lug Widths

The lug width is essential when buying a watch strap because widths can range from 20mm to 28mm. 

So, find the box of your watch and check its lug width. Or better yet, conduct a short Google search or measure the width yourself.

Change Watch Straps in Seconds

As you shift from one task to another, your watch bands must do, too. To help you multitask, StrapsCo provides you the solution in easy-to-change bands. 

StrapsCo’s integrated quick release spring bars allow you to change your band with ease. 

With a few easy clicks, you can change watch bands to match your style.

Bands That Match Your Activities

Comfort and style must be at the top of your list. The same rules apply for watch straps. You must have the right strap for the right activity.

20mm Rubber Strap

Are you an athletic or sporty person? Do you live an active lifestyle? Does your job involve physical and extraneous activities?

Then, rubber watch bands are your go-to bands for everyday work.

Given that you do physical activities, sweat can be a problem. Rubber bands save the day because they are waterproof and sweatproof.

These bands are also easy to clean with soap and water. More importantly, they won’t get smelly due to sweat. 

20mm Leather Strap

Are you attending a wedding? Do you have a corporate meeting? Are you speaking at a convention? 

Well, you have to look sharp and smart. Impress your colleagues with different styles of leather straps that leave a lasting impression.

Leather straps are appropriate for formal gatherings and events. 

20mm Nylon Strap

Rubber is for an active lifestyle, while leather is for formal functions. What if you can have a strap that works either way?

Nylon is the most versatile strap material that can work for all occasions. It is the best of both worlds. 

Stay on the go with nylon, whether you’re wearing formal attire or sports attire. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Is a 20mm Watch Band?

The measurement “20mm” refers to the width of the band. Watch lug widths must be wide enough to fit the watch strap.

2. How Big Is a 20mm Watch Band?

The width of a pencil is 1cm. Two pencils combined would be 2cm. Convert that to millimeters, and a 20mm watch strap is equivalent to the width of two pencils.

3. How Much Is the Shipping?

StrapsCo offers free shipping worldwide! Revolutionize your watch with StrapsCo and make every second count.