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16mm Watch Band

A watch is a timeless accessory you wear almost every day. Not only does a watch become a part of your outfit. Your watch becomes a part of you, and, therefore, it must suit you perfectly. It may be a small detail amongst your outfit, but it shows off your identity.


While there are no right or wrong ways of looking at watches, there are a few aspects you should consider before picking a new watch.

The Size

One size does not fit all when it comes to watches.

The proportion of the watch to your wrist and hand is one of the first aspects to consider when buying a watch.

If your watch is too big, it will look overwhelming; if it is too small, it will not look proportional. The right size should wrap your wrist comfortably without sliding around or digging into your skin.

A watch with a 16mm lug width is a great place to start because it falls in the middle. It will neither be too small nor too wide.

Once you’ve decided that 16mm may be the right size for you, you must next look at style.

The Style

Watches have diverse looksfor different lifestyles and personalities.

For outdoor enthusiasts and the physically active, pick a watch that can keep up with challenges. You need something functional and sturdy for your preferred activities.

Rubber and NATO watch bands let you move as much as you want without worrying whether your watch will snap off.

A 16mm NATO strap suits activities that require you to move a lot. A 16mm NATO strap secures your watch on your wrist while you focus on your activity.

If you spend more time up in the air or deep in the ocean than on the ground, a pilot watch or a diver watch is perfect. These can withstand extreme conditions.

A watch for flying often has a leather watch strap, while a metal watch band is good for a diver watch. The material the watch is made of is important, especially if it will be submerged in water. Leather watch bands don’t go well with liquids and moisture.

For the minimalist type, a dress watch might suit you.

Dress watches have clean designs and muted color palettes. They’re simple yet sleek, and a leather watch strap completes that sharp look.

You’ve got your size, but have you decided on your style?

It’s difficult to pick just one watch out of all the styles available. You might want to have different watches to match your various moods and outfits. One way to do this is to purchase different watch straps.

16mm Watch Strap UK

At StrapsCo, you can pick from a wide array of new 16mm watch straps.

You’ll find watch bands for any style and personality. If you’re working around a budget, you can set the price high to low or vice versa to see your options of 16mm bands.

A 16mm leather watch strap is often the best choice because its simplicity makes it a versatile band.

Whatever watch band you’re looking for, StrapsCo surely has the right watch band for you!