Apple Watch 44mm Bands

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Showing 1–24 of 83 results

Apple products have become a symbol of simplicity and usability. This brand has been internationally recognized all around the world ever since its inception.

That must be the reason why you have an Apple watch. 


The Right Size for You

The Apple Watch, one of Apple’s most popular accessories, can be more attractive by changing the watch bands. Apple Watch bands come in different band sizes depending on the case size.

An Apple Watch case can either be 38mm or 42mm for Apple Watch Series 1, 2, and 3. Moreover, Series 4, 5, and 6. Apple watches now have 40mm and 42mm sizes.

Will a 44mm Band Fit a 42mm Watch?

The simplest answer here is no.

Series 1 through 3 Apple Watch bands will fit on your new Series 4, 5 and  6 Apple Watch. But, bigger bands won’t fit on smaller Apple watches (i.e., 44mm Apple Watch bands won’t fit on a 42mm watches). 

Live an Active Lifestyle

Apple accessories like the Apple Watch are advantageous for active people like you.

As you sweat and beat your limits, use StrapsCo’s rubber Apple Watch bands during workouts or any physical activity.

Whether it’s team sports or athletics, replace your stainless steel watch band with a rubber Apple Watch band to maintain comfort even if you sweat.

Make a Bold Statement

The Apple Watch series has made watch culture more elegant and iconic. Impress your colleagues with a classy and chic Apple Watch band.

Impress your superiors with professional-looking Apple Watch bands. You can look sharp and smart with the right one, whether leather or stainless steel watch bands.

Show your support for the LGBT community by using rainbow bands. Make a statement with your Apple Watch and show the world you support equality and respect.

Multiple Bands for Multiple Uses

Never settle for one. Your life is on the move. Your Apple Watch band must adapt to your needs.

Use a leather watch band for formal occasions. Watch bands made of leather are not suitable for extreme and strenuous physical activities. Leather can absorb your sweat and cause an unpleasant odor.

Rubber watch bands for the Apple Watch work best for physical activities and underwater adventures.

The classic stainless steel watch bands can work for almost any occasion or activity. However, stainless steel bands work best if you want to make a subtle fashion statement.

A nylon Apple Watch band is for people who are always on the go. It goes well for workouts and formal functions, specifically black nylon bands.

Revamp Your Watch Now

People with different lifestyles can use the multiple functionalities of the Apple Watch series.

With the Apple Watch Series 6 now available, having different Apple Watch bands is your first step in making flexible choices without sacrificing style.

That’s why StrapsCo offers accessories that speak your style. Whether it be plain black, black and grey patterns or multicolored, your choice is the only thing that matters.