Charger Dock for Samsung Galaxy Gear SM-V700

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charger for Samsung Galaxy Gear SM-V700
Price: $20.99 USD

As one of the most exciting smart watch models from Samsung, the Samsung Galaxy Gear SM-v700 is packed with awesome features that’ll delight tech-savvy individuals.

And making the most out of the apps, accessories, and other features that the Galaxy Gear has, you’d need to make sure that the smart watch is properly charged. And an amazing charging dock that does the job is no other than the StrapsCo charger.



Meant for the Samsung Galaxy Gear sm-v700


Designed solely for the Samsung Gear sm-v700, this charging cradle integrates smart charging solutions. Don’t worry from overcharging or damaging your Samsung Galaxy Gear sm-V700 with this charger. You do not need several charging accessories when everything essential is found in this Samsung Gear charger.


Minimalist Design

Simple does it best when it comes to device design. This charging accessory does not stand out. Instead, it perfectly blends in and complements your tech.


Reliable Charging Capacity

This Samsung smartwatch charger comes with a USB cable to hook up on other devices, accessories,  or power sources. Portable and versatile, you can be sure that your Samsung smart watch is charged properly.


Ease of Use

No need to bother with tons of cords or other gadgets. This charging device prioritizes user convenience – no complicated instructions to deal with when using it.


Safety is a Priority

Stay ahead of the pack of Samsung Gear chargers with this charging cradle. This charger comes with a PTC semiconductor to keep circuits safe from harm. No need to have several accessories to keep your Samsung sm-v700 charger safe.


How do I charge my SM v700?


This charger for Samsung Gear is easy to use. Here’s a simple flow that you can follow:


  1. Inspect your charger for Samsung Gear for any dirt or defects before charging.
  2. Check your other accessories, such as the USB cord, of any visible damage before charging.
  3. Locate and press the switch of your charger.
  4. Place your smart watch into the charger for Samsung Gear.
  5. Make sure that your smart device is properly fitted.
  6. Find the connector and plug it into the charging jack.
  7. Check the device’s screen if it is currently being charged.

Additional Tips: Care for Your Smart Gear


Here’s how to clean your tech:


  1. Make sure to clean your device’s strap. Carefully remove the band from the device before cleaning.
  2. The band can be cleaned with fresh water. 
  3. Leave the strap out to air dry after cleaning.
  4. For the actual device itself, apply some rubbing alcohol on some cotton swabs or a piece of cloth. Use the cotton or the cloth to carefully wipe the device clean.
  5. For stains, use a toothbrush with soft bristles to carefully wipe the device.
  6. As much as possible, avoid submerging the device in saltwater.


StrapsCo charger is light in weight and compact in size, which is portable and convenient. it charges the watch quickly, efficiently. Keep your Samsung Galaxy Galaxy Gear SM-V700 safe from over-current or over-charging when connected to the power source.



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