Top 40+ Sites For Vintage Watch Lovers (1)

Top 40+ Sites for Vintage Watch Lovers

What makes a watch vintage? Seasoned watch enthusiasts know the answer to this question hints at nostalgia, heritage, and maybe, a golden age of craftsmanship.

They say every watch has a story. Finely-crafted and sometimes extinct timepieces have histories that, along with their condition, add to their appeal and value.

Tune into this fine lineup of websites and blogs to delight and inform ardent collectors in pursuit of the most desirable pieces. It’s for those who appreciate the beauty and quality of “old” watches.


Alan’s Vintage Watches

This website is akin to a rabbit hole containing links leading to all sorts of information about watches. For example, click the “Featured Watches” for a glimpse of watches throughout history. From the random to the iconic, you have a K-mart mechanical watch, a Seiko 5, a Sputnik watch, a Timex kids watch, a GE darkroom timer, and an Omega US Army watch. You can also use the “Index” that contains all the links found on the website. There’s clearly no wrong or right way when exploring this resource called Alan’s Vintage Watches.

Gentleman’s Gazette

It’s a website dedicated to men’s styling, teaching them how to dress for a black-tie event, find a nice pair of dress shoes, and buy a vintage watch like a true gentleman of style. Raphael, the founder of Gentleman’s Gazette, shares his passion and knowledge about traditional elegance on this website.

The blog offers guides to grooming, etiquette, and clothing to fill you in on the details. Watches are the quintessential men’s accessory, and you can find fun and exciting reads. Whether it is overcoats for the dandy and shorts for the trendy, Gentleman’s Gazette maintains an archive of articles.


WatchTime is dedicated to fine wristwatches, the watch companies or countries where they are made, and the watch-collecting and loving community. The magazine publishes bi-monthly with in-depth reviews, interviews, reports, and other articles covering timely and timeless topics.

Vintage watches take the spotlight on the website, and you’ll have a lot to read, including “The Evolution of the Men’s Wristwatch: A Decade-by-Decade Guide.” The website also teaches you how to pronounce the most difficult-sounding watch brands. WatchTime maintains a blog for people to check the latest news, events, watch releases, and more.

Bob’s Watches

Bob’s Watches takes pride in being the world’s first pre-owned Rolex exchange for buying and selling the most valuable vintage watches. If you’re looking to purchase or simply gaze at the fine Rolex specimens, this is the place. The platform also has luxury watches from Tudor, Cartier, Breitling, etc. for selling and buying.

Who is Bob, by the way? He (Bob Thompson) is the founder of Bob’s Watches, which was later purchased by Paul Altieri, who sort of overhauled it to become a marketplace for pre-owned Rolex. The rest you can read on the blog, which is a goldmine of resources, to say the least.

Govberg Watches

Rolex, Patek Philippe, and prestigious timepieces are the main offerings of Govberg Watches. The Govberg family founded the business that has a century’s relationship with luxury watches from A to Z and fine jewelry pieces, too. A noted section of is the pre-owned watches, including Seiko, Breitling, and Oris.

OnTime is Govberg’s official blog that tracks watch releases, vintage reissues, and more. One post you can’t miss is the “History of Horology,” or the study of timekeeping.

Armstrong & Co

The website is the virtual showroom of Armstrong & Co Ltd. which specializes in vintage Omega watches. The shop offers pre-owned watches from other brands, modern timepieces, chronographs, ladies’ watches, and gold watches.

The site’s Vintage Watch blog is a treasure trove for the enthusiasts and hobbyists. Counterfeit is a significant concern among vintage pieces, and there are posts on how to spot fake vintage Omegas and watch parts. Future owners of vintage watches can check out short and comprehensive articles offering tips for buying vintage watches.

Renaissance Watch Repair

Renaissance Watch Repair is a specialist in vintage timepieces, primarily American pocket watches and mechanical watches, too. Like the timeless pieces it restores, the shop has an illustrious history through its founder and head watchmaker’s affiliations with premier trade organizations in the industry.

Aside from its services, the website offers useful information for anyone interested in vintage watches. There’s a handy page on frequently asked questions about shop-specific watch repair questions and practical topics, like watch operation, value, and trade. A 101 on antique and vintage pocket watches and a brief history of watchmaking in America are worth reading.


Head straight to this website to dive into matters about watches, modern and vintage. The online publication, which has a weekly newsletter, aims to put the collector first in its content. Whether its name came from escape or escapement, Rescapement wants information more accessible to beginners.

The site has a vintage watch curriculum, a great compilation of resources on mechanical watches available online. There, you can change upon stories about the dirty dozen, articles on brands or particular models, and databases. If you are curious about which company owns which watch brands, Rescapement has information on that.

Wind Vintage

Wind Vintage gets its name from Eric Wind. His breadth of experience includes working at Christie’s as a senior specialist of watches, writing at HODINKEE, and speaking about his expertise in The New York Times and other periodicals.

The website displays selected vintage watches for sale (people can contact the company to find a piece). The site also wants to provide education to vintage watch collectors, and it is through the blog where Eric posts his views and insights. His first-hand account of how he helped Crazy Rich Asians shoot a Paul Newman Rolex is one for the books.

The Spring Bar

It’s the tiny thing that holds straps in place, and this website holds relevant content for the watch collector. There’s an assortment of vintage watch guides for buyers and watch lovers.

Each guide sets out the details of a watch, like an Omega Railmaster, Tudor Submariner, or a Breguet Type 20. The site also dedicates categories to Seiko and Enicar watches. The Spring Bar also offers general content, like watches for a particular sport or activity or recommended buys for under certain amounts of money.

Vintage Certinas

This website aims to provide pertinent information about the Swiss-made luxury watches known for their precision with Certina deriving its name from certus, or sure, in Latin. Vintage Certinas focuses on the models released in the 1960s and 1970s. Learn more about Certina Argonaut chronograph, chronometer, 288 series, and dive watches, among other valued items on the website.

“History” takes you to a timeline of the brand’s milestones, including the first self-winding movement. Certina movements are covered in subsequent pages and references. The website also has featured stories and pictures of the celebrated vintage watches.

Vintage Hamilton Watch Restoration

HandyDan writes about his experience in restoring and repairing vintage Hamilton wristwatches on this blog. The author is a self-taught watchmaker whose primary interest is restoring American-made Hamilton watches.

The blog is a mine of information for watchmakers. You can look up Hamilton models under their respective decades, such as the 1920s, 1930s, all the way to the 1970s, with links leading to the individual pages. The site is generous with its resources for overhauling watches and sharing a rare vintage parts catalog from the famous watch manufacturer.

Pieces of Time

Jonathan Wachsmann founded Pieces of Time with a physical shop in Grays Antique Market in London, UK, and the online store, The website is a time capsule of antique pocket watches hailing from the late 17th century, early-mid-18th century, and early 19th century. Its impressive online catalog includes ornate and unusual verges, repeaters, clock watches, and hunter-case pocket watches, along with antique wristwatches, desk clocks, and chains.

The store’s blog offers historical tidbits and contemporary knowledge about watches. Some pieces of content worth checking are the golden rules for buying and collecting antique watches and the best wristwatches from the 1920s era.

Alessandro Ciani

Alex Ciani is a known figure in the world of vintage watches, and his website provides a closer look at select luxury watches that are so valuable you have to inquire about the price. On his blog found on the site, Alex writes about vintage watches and the watch collecting world.

For one, he provides context to “What does vintage mean?” His My Take personal blog also touches on restoration and the age-old debate about polishing or not polishing vintage watches.

This website offers a wide selection of vintage wristwatches and pocket watches. To look up a specific timepiece, use the inventory. Moreover, it has made a name in the field, with publications enlisting’s expertise and inventory for articles and cover stories.

The website provides practical information about watches. There’s a short tutorial on identifying American-made pocket watches. More detailed information on pocket watches by their brand is under “Watch Information and Museum.” also lists the production dates to help “date” a watch.

Vintage Citizen Watches

This blog takes you back to when the brand Citizen was born, all the way up to 1978 when the vintage era ended. Citizen Guy, who is the creator of Vintage Citizen Watches, has stories to tell about the models, movements, and more for the collectors and converted fans.

If you are buying a vintage watch for the first time, read the dictionary of terms. You can also find rare editions of Citizen, such as those with wood watch cases, and repair and restoration projects, too.


Here’s one information hub for the watch hobbyists and beginners. Melvin Hollenberg, who is the creator and editor of WahaWatches, thinks learning the hobby of watchmaking should be straightforward and building a collection should be affordable with mechanical watch options below $500.

The website has tons of tutorials, from setting a watch’s time and date to spotting fakes. You can learn to polish a watch crystal on your vintage watch, whose definition has a separate post. WahaWatches also maintains a blog, where you can read reviews on watches, books, and how-tos.

Vintage Heuer

This website sells vintage watches made by the Swiss luxury brand. Vintage Heuer was created by Jonathan Scatchard, who is passionate about the brand, and Guy Nelson-Bolton, who is fascinated about Omega. One can buy or inquire about the lovely pieces displayed on the website.

The blog chronicles the latest updates on Vintage Heuer and stories relating to the watches worth knowing. Did you know about the founders’ private lunch with Jack Heuer or that Mick Jagger wears a Heuer Carrera? Keep scrolling for more.

Your Watch Hub

To borrow its tagline, it is an online hub of information on fine watches. The website has useful guides on how to buy vintage watches and relevant content. Its reviews are also plenty, presenting the finer details of the watch, including the approximate price.

Your Watch Hub presents several ways to find a particular model quickly. First is by using the search button or checking the most popular posts. Another is going through the list of watch brands, from A. Lange & Sohne to Zenith. You can search via watch size or type, or by the movement or complication.

Roy & Sacha Davidoff

The website’s name, DB1983, likely stands for Davidoff Brothers since 1983. The brothers Roy and Sacha are Geneva, Switzerland-based horological experts. They specialize in vintage watches with a focus on timepieces from the 1940s to the early 1980s. You see the selected pieces, sold or not, in the store’s collection.

As you click on one fine piece, you read a bit of the watch’s history, like when it was made and sold. And if you still wonder about the definition of “vintage watch,” the website has an explanation.

Vintage Watches Collection

This site offers a fascinating look at first-rate, rare, and classy watches. Buying at Vintage Watches Collection means bidding for timepieces that can be a Hermes, Movado, or Van Cleef & Arpels. The online collection, however, only has about 4,000 pieces in stock.

Even if you end up not buying anything, you can spend time reading the detailed descriptions accompanying each watch and check out what watches look like by the decade. The “Ladies Watches” section, for instance, is worthy of a peek for their dramatic or distinctive styles.


It is the goal of to bring watch collectors together in one place where they can find pre-owned vintage watches on the internet. Think of the website as an aggregator or curator of watches with massive top 100 watch lists.

The list you and other collectors are probably most interested in is the “Top 100 Vintage Watches.” It is a selection of Rolex, Patek Philippe, Cartier, and 97+ timepieces in their vintage glory and up for bidding online. You can also check the top 100 watch auctions, watches whose listings end in 24 hours, and watches below $1,000.


AdamVintage curates fine watches with a focus on “provenance, condition, and originality.” Its vintage watch collection covers Swiss timepieces, military watches, and American-made wristwatches for men and women. Antique pocket watches also occupy a spot in the retailer’s selection.

Coincidentally, the latest entry in The Watch Blog talks about pocket watches making a comeback and providing tips when shopping for one. There is plenty to learn about chronographs, gold watches, and more from the man behind AdamVintage and author of the blog, Adam J. Dubilo.

This website displays vintage and antique items, primarily pocket watches and wristwatches. Hamilton, Illinois, BALL, and Elgin timepieces are some of the collectibles for sale, which is done through bidding or making an offer.

Jeff and Paul launched the website in 2012, with updates and news posted on their blog. Under “Resources,” readers are given a list of glossaries, watch company histories, and references from third-party sites. There’s also a helpful post on how experts price their prized finds, like a grading system, based on the watch’s condition.

CC Watchmaker

This website acts as an essential tool for watchmakers looking for replacement parts for obsolete, hard-to-find, or discontinued vintage watches. Watchmaker James Sadilek owns the website and offers this free service to fellow professional repairers.

For starters, the site has resources on how to identify parts or post a search form. Through this search posting, people in the community can help find the “missing” parts. Information on serial numbers, trademarks, and links to other relevant websites is also posted on the website.

Vintage Watch, Inc.

This website appeals to the new generation of watch collectors with its guides, reviews, and features about vintage watches. Vintage Watch is founded by Dennis, who has a special spot for Japanese and Soviet-made watches in the 70s and 80s. Seiko, Citizen, Vostok, Zodiac, and Poljot are among the brands covered by the website.

The “Basics” can fill you in on why you need a vintage watch, while the “Guides” provide more details on a specific subject, like the Raketa Big Zero timepiece or Soviet vintage watches in general. The blog complements the website content with practical tips and ideas.

Adjusting Vintage Watches

Adjusting Vintage Watches stays true to its name, as it covers the art of watch adjusting. What is watch adjusting? How do you make your watch run accurately? Professor Paul J. Silvia answers these questions and more on his blog that can be an introductory course to adjusting and watchmaking in general.

The blog is also focused on American vintage watches from the 1900s to the 1960s. By way of example, discover how to adjust a 1919 Illinois pocket watch or polish a “pawn shop” Rolex.


ClockSavant pretty much covers everything, from selling unique watches to servicing them. Service can include restoration and repair of modern and vintage pieces. The website and its offerings are the brainchild of Eric Greenberg, who describes himself as a collector, watchmaker, and clockmaker.

Eric likes to educate people about mechanical timekeeping through the website and the blog. He writes about servicing vintage watches, and his skills have earned him praises online. Each post gives you a glimpse of the kind of work done to restore or bring rare or valuable timepieces back to life.

Vintage Portfolio

Its portfolio features 400 timepieces, including vintage Omega, IWC, and other branded watches over the decades. Maximilian and his team search and restore collectibles for sale online through the Vintage Portfolio website and the physical store in Vienna, Austria.

The watch shop’s blog continues to keep track of matters that interest the community and the general audience. For example, there is a “Vintage Legends” series for pieces that deserve to be called the classic. The dirty dozen military watches also get highlighted in one post, and then there’s another one about why vintage watches are great investments.

Vintage Hamilton Wristwatches

It may be an unofficial Hamilton blog site, but Vintage Hamilton Wristwatches has an impressive archive that stretches over a decade. The blog is the work of Tom Adelstein, a screenwriter and watch collector.

There’s certainly a lot to learn about Hamilton vintage watches with posts on Hamilton Khaki Field, Linwood, Wilshire, Jazzmaster, Cabot, Ross, and the famed 987 series. Reissues, registered editions, and repair works are also covered. To satisfy your curiosity about the famed watch brand, go straight to “Tell Your Hamilton Story.”

Bowers Watch and Clock Repair

Bowers Watch and Clock Repair has been servicing the Atlanta, Georgia area for almost eight decades. It offers an array of restoration and related services about wristwatches, pocket watches, and more. The shop accepts Swiss Army, Piaget, Baylor, and Tudor, among other numerous brands, for repair.

Aside from being a virtual storefront, the website provides useful resources to watch enthusiasts. You can read up on watches and find tips for buying and collecting, or you can look up terms in the glossary. The list of organizations, museums, and auction houses for vintage watches is also worth checking out.

Ron Gordon Watches

New York City-based Ron Gordon Watch Repair services vintage and luxury watches. The shop’s eponymous founder and master watchmaker, Ron Gordon, repairs all major watch brands with luxury Swiss watches as his specialty. He also sells Zodiac and Hamilton timepieces (you can check the website or call the shop for availability).

The website’s official blog provides what’s new and worthwhile in the watch community. You can catch insights on “the old becoming new” when it comes to vintage watches, Omega and its moonwatch, and a short story involving soldiers and two watch brands, among other posts.

Vintage Watch Outlet

Vintage Watch Outlet carries a diverse collection of wristwatches with a wide range of prices. If you are going by brand or country, the store has Swiss, American, and Japanese watch brands. The product lineup features vintage, new, antique, and pre-owned timepieces from the 1930s to 1990s.

Vintage Watch Outlet also maintains a blog that covers a range of topics for all watch fans. There, you can find ideas and tips when buying watches and getting them pre-owned. Some blog posts explore the inner workings of vintage wristwatches.

Vintage Watch Resources

Vintage Watch Resources is like an online database of Longines wristwatches from the 1930s to the 1970s. The website aims to help buyers and collectors find and confirm the authenticity of their Swiss luxury watches with the help of free, custom tools online.

To find a Longines model, you can use the watch identifier or browse the watch collection on the website. There’s also a search watch collection option and a Longines year identifier where you input the serial number on the watch.


It primarily offers vintage watches, modern watches, and pocket watches from the most recognizable names. Buzzufy, which operates online and has no physical stores, carries more than 4,000 products on its platform.

The Buzzufy blog apprises readers of newsworthy items or information about their watches. There are articles about the buttons of a Rolex Daytona and that of a 1958 manual chronograph from Abercrombie & Fitch. Among the piles of the usual blog features, one can spot the well-known story of Henry Graves, Jr. and his ultra-expensive Patek Philippe collection.

BUZZUFY offers thousands of vintage watch parts as well as watch parts for Rolex, Audemars Piguet, Cartier, Breitling etc. In addition, BUZZUFY is official distributor of watchmaker brands such as BERGEON, Boley, Cape Cod Polishing, Horotec, etc.

Buzzufy carries a massive selection of vintage watch parts for a variety of brands, including luxury brands like Rolex, Audemars Piguet, Cartier, and Breitling. Buzzufy is also an official distributor of watchmaker brands, such as BERGEON Boley, Cape Cod Polishing, Horotec, and more.

Ashton-Blakey Vintage Watches

Ashton-Blakey Vintage Watches collects, deals in, and offers fine vintage timepieces with roots in Toronto, Canada’s Harbourfront Antique Market. The company opened an online shop in 1994, being one of the first watch dealers on the internet. Wristwatches, pocket watches, and jewelry pieces fill the website’s collection.

One fascinating fact about Ashton-Blakey Vintage Watches is its timepieces have graced television shows and movies. It would be great to know the shows and anecdotes on its official blog, which provides information about buying vintage watches and more.


Whether you are looking for vintage automatic or hand-wound watches, Watches83 is the spot. Silvia Fernandez and Sigfrid Querol formed the website that counts Longines, Tissot, Hamilton, Breitling, Eterna, and Zenith timepieces among its inventory.

The eponymous blog also doubles as a platform for watch enthusiasts to share ideas with expert and amateur collectors. One particular article poses the eternal question on vintage watches: to use them or to look at them. There are many thought-provoking posts on the blog.

This website serves as the virtual storefront of Joel Trenalone’s watch repair business in Chico, California. Joel provides a wide range of services with a current focus on vintage wristwatch and pocket watch repair and restoration. Check out the photo library for recent repair work and frequently asked questions to learn more about the services.

The blog covers topics for collectors, such as caring for a vintage or antique watch. Should you have it serviced, restored, or preserved? Some posts lean toward the general audience, like one’s connection to a vintage watch.

DC Vintage Watches

DC Vintage Watches is well known for offering classic and unique vintage watches at affordable prices. Its owner and founder Nick cited vintage Seiko as an example of exceptional timepieces with hard-to-beat price points. The store also sells Omega, Heuer, and other branded vintage pieces.

If you like, DC Vintage Watches can source an original watch for you. Speaking of authentic, the store has a campaign called #feikofriday to help buyers, especially the newly initiated, in spotting fake vintage watches. It also compiles third-party guides to buying pre-owned items.

Legend of Time

Legend of Time showcases vintage and pre-owned Swiss and German timepieces. Limited editions and rare pieces of Rolex, TAG Heuer, and Corum are primary examples. This collection of vintage watches can be seen online through this site and in-store in Chicago, Illinois.

You can visit the official blog for style inspirations involving your fave IWC or Breitling or entries on the #watchselfie hashtag for watch lovers. Moreover, the vintage watch FAQs discuss the difference between chronograph and chronometer, waterproof vs. water-resistant, and other watch terminologies.

Vintage Watch Restoration

This website sells antique and vintage watches restored to their former glory. Other than being a store, Vintage Watch Restoration provides information that can be useful for buyers and lovers of the watches.

It has brief histories of leading vintage watch brands, important watch terms, and FAQs about vintage watches. There’s also a list of repair services and estimated fees that can give you an idea of the cost of watch ownership. The store also keeps the listings of sold items for price reference and serial numbers to determine a watch’s manufacturing date.

Classic Watch NY

Classic Watch NY offers timeless timepieces starting with the quintessential Rolex, Cartier, and Audemars, among other staples. You can view the watches by brand or in one go with inquiries to be made at each watch listing.

Gai Gohari is the man behind the company that curates watches for its fine collection available online. He talks about his experience and knowledge in the field on the website’s official blog. You can read up about the company’s beginnings, his favorite pieces, and other stories to get to know vintage watches.

The Timely Blog

The Timely Blog appeals to watch enthusiasts and those about to get into the hobby by delivering firsthand and relevant content. Self-confessed watch nerd Lauri Arjas is the creator of the blog.

Through the blog, you get the feel of attending watch events, where master watchmakers and fans meet. You also get to marvel at the excellent work put into every watch through photo reports. Gain insights from celebrated figures, such as Kari Voutilainen, through the interviews.

Coolest Vintage

Coolest Vintage is an information portal that takes you back in time through the watches and collectibles featured on the blog. The creator of the website Eric collects watches, calculators, and some gadgetry from as early as the nineties.

The blog centers on watches, and there’s a gallery to view the blogged wristwatches. Posts on Casio and Seiko digital watches make you realize these could very well be the predecessors of modern smartwatches. Aside from those multifunctional gadgets, notable timepieces from other watch brands are on the blog.

Rare Room

This is a store for rare finds and limited editions. The Rare Room’s vintage watch collection consists of Cartier, Piaget, Rolex, IWC, Chopard, Patek Philippe, Panerai, Tudor, and Romain Jerome. Some of the items are sold out but remain on display for all to see. Watch rolls, porcelain trays, and other noted collectibles from the brands above are also cataloged.

There may be other things coming for fans of the Doha, Qatar-based Rare Room, such as a blog or journal.

Vintage Watches America

Vintage Watches America serves as a resource for those who are engaged in restoring American-made vintage watches. The website, including its blog, is the work of the administrator who has restored a “couple hundred watches.”

You can access service bulletins for specific repair work under “Technical Documentation.” Most of the technical data sheets and blog posts are related to Hamilton watches. It doesn’t get any more vintage than seeing old clips from the Hamilton Watch Company on “what makes a fine watch fine.”

Ticks of Time

A. S. M. Masum Billah, a self-professed ardent fan of watches, started collecting watches in high school. His deep fascination with this simple yet ingenious invention led him to finally create his own blog dedicated to anything and everything about watches.
Ticks of Time is the place to go when you want to know about the best vintage watches, the timepieces with the most creative designs, and the most affordable watches to buy. You can also read his reviews on certain watch models. Get your daily dose of watch-related content on Ticks of Time!

It’s time to join the movement.

Watch Dog

Watch Doc focuses on military bands issued during World War II and are 75 years old. The website has been around for 25 years, buying and selling vintage bands, watch parts, and tools for collectors and enthusiasts. The website also offers watch repair lessons for anyone who’s interested in learning how to fix different timepieces.

If you think your website should be added to this list, let us know by submitting your blog for review.