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The 12 Best Female Watch Collectors to Follow on Instagram

It’s often widely assumed that watch collecting is a man’s game. Well, here are a slew of female watch collectors breaking down that myth—one Instagram follower at a time. From ladies’ watches to men’s watches, affordable to aspirational, these 12 women know how to rock just about any timepiece.

Best Female Watch Collectors To Follow On Instagram Giorgiamondani


Giorgia Mondani joined her family’s business (a publishing house that produces some of the most important Rolex watch reference books in the market) over a decade ago. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that Giorgia is a serious watch collector, owning some of the most popular modern and vintage Rolex watches, with key Patek Philippe, Audemars Piguet, and Omega pieces thrown in too. Her Instagram page perfectly illustrates that ladies are certainly not limited to just wearing women’s watches because she can sport a men’s Rolex watch like no other!

Best Female Watch Collectors To Follow On Instagram Watch Fashionista


As her Instagram handle suggests, Watch Fashionista (a.k.a. Misha) knows how to put a stylish wrist stack together. To complement her stunning watches, which depending on the day, can be classic sports watches like a Rolex Daytona, mechanically intriguing timepieces like an Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Openworked, or trendy watches like a Bulgari Serpenti, Misha almost always wears plenty of gorgeous bracelets next to them to create a striking arrangement.

Best Female Watch Collectors To Follow On Instagram Istealwatches


She may not own all the watches showcased on her Instagram page (hence the name profile name “@istealwatches,”) but there’s no doubt that Rêve is a bona fide watch enthusiast with a solid collection under her belt. Tucked in between pictures of Rêve wearing popular men’s watches are photos of her wrist clad in some of the best women’s fashion watches, crafted by brands like Cartier, Rolex, Panerai, Bulgari, Audemars Piguet, and Van Cleef & Arpels.

Best Female Watch Collectors To Follow On Instagram Iwcgirl


For Déby, IWC is not just a job (she works at the IWC boutique in São Paulo, Brazil), but most definitely a passion. She confesses that she instantly became a watch lover when she joined the company a handful of years ago and quickly shared her admiration via social media. From sporty Big Pilot aviation watches to women’s diamond Portofino watches, Déby’s Instagram page is a cornucopia of IWC watches that exemplifies the brand’s impressive variety.

Best Female Watch Collectors To Follow On Instagram Its.cara.time


Fans of the exceedingly popular watch website, HODINKEE, will be familiar with Cara Barrett—who, as the only female member of the editorial team, serves up a different perspective on watches and the watch space at large. Cara is also the Manager of Special Projects, which means, in addition to her fantastic collection of vintage and contemporary watches including the Rolex Rainbow Daytona, her Instagram page also often features HODINKEE watch collaborations with top watch brands.

Best Female Watch Collectors To Follow On Instagram Jenni Elle


YouTuber, Jenni Elle, describes herself as “a German watch lover that enjoys talking about everything watch related” and judging by the hundreds of thousands of views her videos rack up, watch enthusiasts happily listen to what she has to say! Between her ladies’ luxury watches, her husband’s watches, and borrowed watches, Jenni’s Instagram page is packed with different pieces that speak to a wide range of tastes and budgets.

Best Female Watch Collectors To Follow On Instagram Regina.osm


Regina’s fascination with watches began when she worked at Jaeger-LeCoultre in 2016; and today, her watch collection houses plenty of other brands too. A quick scroll through her Instagram page reveals a wide assortment of pieces from vintage women’s watches to trendy retro digital watches to high-end heavy hitters. Plus, Regina is not afraid to show off her quartz pieces as much as her mechanical ones either because she understands that—unlike what some watch snobs want you to you think—there is nothing wrong with quartz watches!

Best Female Watch Collectors To Follow On Instagram Missdatejust


Starting with buying herself a Rolex Datejust 178274 as her first “real watch” a few years back, @missdatejust (known as Marianne offline) has clearly got bitten by the watch-collecting bug. Other Rolex watches have now joined her collection, including an Explorer, an Explorer II, a Submariner, a vintage gold Lady Datejust, and others. Something particularly refreshing about @missdatejust is that she’s perfectly comfortable selling the watches she doesn’t absolutely love and replacing them with others. That’s a great strategy for any watch collector—learn to let go of unwanted watches to free up space and money for other future pieces.

Best Female Watch Collectors To Follow On Instagram Tennandtwomedia


Behind the @tennandtwomedia Instagram profile is not just one but two female watch collectors—Kat and Katlen. These two Tennessee women host the Tenn and Two podcast, where they talk watches, photography, and adventure. As a result, the @tennandtwomedia Instagram page is full of beautiful photos of an eclectic assortment of watches (whether their own or ones in for reviews) to dive into. And their podcast is a great listen too.

Best Female Watch Collectors To Follow On Instagram
8,900+ followers

A native of Switzerland but now based in New York City, Vivi kick-started her career interning at Audemars Piguet followed by positions at Jaeger-LeCoultre, Charriol, and Montblanc. She’s now an Editor and the Social Media Manager at Watchonista and has no shortage of awesome watches (hers and others) to share on her Instagram profile.

Best Female Watch Collectors To Follow On Instagram Watchgirloffduty

8,100+ followers

Recently profiled in Tatler magazine, New Yorker Zoe Abelson, known as @watchgirloffduty on Instagram, first became fascinated with watch collectors during a summer job at an auction house where she’d witness much these devotees would be willing to spend on timepieces. Now a collector herself (and living in Hong Kong as part of WatchBox’s team there,) Zoe’s collection is predominately vintage watches, comprised of both family heirlooms and pieces she’s acquired along the way.

Best Female Watch Collectors To Follow On Instagram Watchgirlnyc

6,200+ followers

Irina admits that she’s “obsessed with Patek Philippe” and her @watchgirlnyc Instagram page certainly demonstrates that. Going by her photos, it looks like Irina’s taste spans the Patek catalog with pieces like Aquanauts with rubber straps, Nautilus with metal bracelets, and Complication models with colorful leather straps. There are also a few iconic watches manufactured by other esteemed brands there for good measure, including Rolex Daytona “Paul Newman,” Audemars Piguet Royal Oak, and Richard Mille RM-11.

As you can see, the spectrum of female watch collectors is as broad as the watches they choose to wear. The next time you’re on Instagram checking out what watch collectors are posting, make sure to give these top-notch female collectors a follow and you may just be surprised at the awesome watches they share. What are some of your favorite watch-centric Instagram profiles? Let us know in the comments section below.



  1. I have been selling watches since 2004. My female clients are 6%, but all of them are very knowledgeable and buy large size watches. I think watch brands still haven’t found out that female customers are big connoisseurs and aren’t looking for small watches.

    1. I respectfully disagree on the ‘not looking for small watches’ comment. I’m a female watch collector and since I’ve been in this hobby, I’ve met only one other woman who shares this passion, and we bonded over the same problem- modern mechanical watches for women are too large! They’re all unisex sized. Ladies who prefer smaller, exquisite pieces either have to settle for quartz, or buy luxury or vintage mechanical pieces. The poster woman watch collector is a woman who prefers unisex-sized timepieces, but that’s not representative at all. Unfortunately, that’s what watch brands are now going for.

    2. Jessica Batai

      We end up buying larger watches because there is a severe lack of selection in smaller watches that are automatic movements, diamond-encrusted, or otherwise “girl-ified” with mother-of-pearl and heart/flower shaped cutouts, etc. Honestly, all I want are 30-35mm versions of men’s watches.

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