Samsung Lug Width & Strap Size

What size watch strap does my Samsung use?

Finding the correct info for your next Samsung smart watch can be a challenge with so many different resources around the web. What we’ve done at StrapsCo is created the best reference table for Samsung smart watches. Here you’ll be able to easily look up your Samsung’s lug width. We’ll tell you accurately the exact strap size you need for your Samsung. Whether it be for Galaxy Watch4, Galaxy Watch5, Gear S3, Galaxy Watch Active, or one of the many other Samsungs on the market, we have the exact specifications of your smart watch. Read the spec sheet below to find the size of your smart watch and even explore further into our Samsung lug width & strap size guides. If you’re looking for replacement watch bands for Samsung, we have it all below. Simply look up your Samsung smart watch by the device name and click through to check out the guide. If you click on the strap size you’ll be taken to the best selection of replacement Samsung bands in the size you need.