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Are you looking to spruce up your day-to-day style in the most subtle way? One way to do it is by giving extra character to your timepiece using a new watch bracelet or strap. If you want to give your timepiece a bold and distinctive appearance, NATO and Zulu straps are great accessories that will embellish your wrist.



What Are NATO and Zulu Straps?

While Zulu and NATO straps are technically different, the terms are still usually used interchangeably.

The British Ministry of Defence designed the NATO strap in the 1970s. It’s essentially a one-piece band that slips beneath the casing, so the watch’s metal part doesn’t touch the skin.

The nylon NATO strap is perfect for rugged situations, like hiking and camping. However, there are NATO straps made of leather that are perfect for semi-formal or formal events.

On the other hand, the Zulu strap is a heavy-duty version of the NATO straps. These watch bracelets were originally created for professional divers. These divers require more durable and longer watch bands to fit their watches outside their diving garments.

While both NATO and Zulu straps are designed for specific conditions, they work well with all kinds of watches. Many people use these band replacements every day, as they are comfortable and durable.


How Do You Wear a NATO and Zulu Watch Strap?

If it’s your first time wearing a NATO and Zulu strap, the process can be confusing because the straps of NATO and Zulu are longer than common bands.

  • 1st step – Slip the strap’s lengthy end thru the clasp, then fasten the buckle in the band’s ideal hole.
  • 2nd step – Extend the band upwards thru both strap keepers.
  • 3rd step – Usually, excess straps will stick out. You may loop it back into the strap keeper a second time for neat wear.

If you’re still confused about the process, you can watch online tutorial videos to learn more about how you can wear these straps.


Strapco’s Quality Zulu and NATO Strap for Watches

Make your timepiece look unique, comfortable, and stylish with Strapco’s NATO and Zulu straps. Our high-quality NATO and Zulu band replacements are excellent for any of your favorite timepieces. These replacement watch bands can change the look of your wrist watch instantly.

We have nylon watch straps that are ideal to use for outdoor activities and sports events. Unlike metal bands, these nylon bands don’t scratch. They are also more flexible than rubber straps that may get brittle after a few years.

We also have leather ones that look sleek, elegant, and powerful. These genuine leather band replacements are perfect for semi-formal and formal events.

All our Zulu and NATO bands are available in different colors, sizes, and designs. You can filter the watch accessories based on your preferences.


Durable NATO and Zulu Straps

Our NATO and Zulu straps have been tested by our staff to ensure strength and durability. Strapco’s NATO and Zulu bands are super secure.

They are sufficiently durable to resist wear and tear when you use them day-to-day. These bands should last for many years as they are made of heavy-duty materials. When you have a NATO and Zulu strap from Strapco, you won’t need a new replacement band in the near future.


Why Get Your Watch Accessory at Strapco?

  • Excellent value for money
  • Secure and prompt delivery
  • Sturdy and well-finished watch straps

Embrace Variety with Strapsco’s Best NATO and Zulu Watch Straps

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