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Showing all 3 results

Transform an old wristwatch into a sophisticated timepiece by switching into one of these cuff watch bands. Cuff watches are unique statement pieces that instantly capture attention without being over the top. If you’re looking to upgrade the look of your regular watch, cuff bands are the perfect watch accessories to get. 


If you think you can’t wear a leather watch without looking too fancy, our stunning range of watch bands will prove you wrong. It’s true that cuff watches have a certain elegance to them, yet they give off a chill and laid-back vibe, making these accessories wearable, even on casual occasions. 

Explore our selection of leather cuffs, and you’re sure to find one that suits your taste. These handmade leather watch accessories also make a great gift for men and women on special occasions. 


Our Premium Range of Leather Cuff Bands


We carry Dassari leather cuff bands that fit most watch styles. Dassari is known for producing genuine leather watch bands that are hand-finished by professional leather workers. Aside from the elegant cuff design, the quality of the leather bands gives them a classic aesthetic. Give your timepiece a new look that never goes out of style with these watch accessories. 

Shop our Dassari leather bands, Monarch and Gauntlet. They come in various leather colors, from black and blue to different shades of brown. We also provide different strap sizes for men and women, including 18mm, 20mm, 22mm, and 24mm. 

Not into leather? Our Dassari Crew nylon cuff strap should suit you best. The nylon material gives it a more casual look, making it a great watch band for everyday use. 

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Frequently Asked Questions


How Do I Install Cuff Watch Bands? 

Got a new leather cuff watch band? Replace your old one as you would a regular wristwatch. Using a spring bar tool, push down in between the spring bar and the watch lug to dislodge it. Then, pull it out from the strap. Use the tool again to insert the new strap’s spring bar into your watch lugs and install the replacement band. 

How Do I Clean the Leather Cuff Watch Bands? 

First, remove the strap by taking out the spring bars. Use a soft cloth to gently wipe the watch’s leather. Then, dampen a separate cloth with soapy water and start wiping the leather’s surface. Use circular motions when rubbing the leather from front to back. 

Rinse the cloth to remove all soap residue and wipe the soap off your leather strap. Let the strap air-dry. Avoid using a hairdryer or laying it out under direct sunlight, as this will damage the leather. Add a few drops of leather conditioner to bring back the strap’s shine. 

How Do I Take Care of a Leather Cuff Watch Band? 

A good practice is to clean your watch’ leather every other week. However, only use a leather conditioner according to its package instructions. Make sure you’re using one that’s meant for jewelry and watches and not for furniture and industrial use.  

During the summer, you may need to wipe down your leather watch more often. The humidity can cause the leather to perspire, so make sure to clean it more often.