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Showing all 19 results

Shop our gorgeous variety of genuine alligator and crocodile watch bands. We carry different types of alligator leather straps to suit different tastes. Explore our amazing selection by color, width, or price to easily find the item you’re looking for. 


The alligator or crocodile watch band is sought-after for its stunning aesthetic, which easily elevates wristwatches into an opulent timepiece. Its classic look makes an alligator watch the perfect accessory to wear on formal occasions. It even makes a great heirloom you can pass on to your family. 


Change Straps in Seconds 


Our lightly padded genuine alligator or crocodile strap is easy to break-in. It features a quick-release mechanism that makes swapping your black band to a brown one a breeze. Replace your watch bands depending on the occasion! 

We also carry different options for buckle finishes, depending on the product you choose. We offer polished silver or gold buckles for black and brown colors. There’s also a matte finish stainless steel buckle for a simple, low-key look. 


Various Colors and Sizes Available


Choose a croc or alligator watch strap that matches your personality. We offer a wide-ranging selection of different patterns, colors, stitching, and buckles. 

Our replacement watch bands are available in both neutral and vibrant colors. Aside from brown and black, you’ll be surprised how bold colors like red, blue, and yellow transform your watch into a fun-looking timepiece. 

What makes our alligator and crocodile watch bands stand out from the rest is Dassari leather. Dassari is a renowned manufacturer of durable leather watch straps which are handcrafted by skilled professionals. 

Choose from women’s or men’s genuine alligator straps. While women-sized watch bands are shorter in width, you can always choose from the men’s sizes if you need a longer band. You can also pick your preferred strap width, as we offer wide-ranging sizes, from the thinnest 10mm to 26mm width bands.  

Our crocodile watch straps have a total length of about 200mm, including the buckle. If you think you need more strap length, our Customer Support team will assist you in picking your size. 


Frequently Asked Questions 


Are Alligator Watch Straps Waterproof? 

A genuine leather strap acts like skin, which means they are highly porous. This means they’re not 100% waterproof. In fact, water can damage a leather watch strap, leading to staining, deterioration, and discoloration. 

While some alligator watch bands are water-resistant, it isn’t advisable to wear them underwater. They’re likely to only withstand splashes of liquid. 

How Do I Take Care of Alligator Watch Straps?

Clean your black or brown leather watchband with a damp, lint-free cloth. Doing this once every few months is enough to keep your strap and buckle squeaky clean. If you want to use a cleaning product, make sure it’s meant for cleaning exotic leather. It’s not advisable to use household cleaners, as they’ll completely ruin exotic skin. 

Are Croc Watch Straps Durable? 

Both alligator and crocodile leather is known for being a soft yet durable strap material. But without proper care, they won’t last longer than they should. A pro-tip to extend their lifespan is to let them sit and air out for a few days regularly. Having other watches you can use on a daily basis helps keep your black croc leather watch pristine and looking brand new.