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Showing all 9 results

Slay Every Style with Your Canvas Watch Strap From StrapsCo 


A unique feature of Canvas watch straps is its cloth-like texture. This watch band design brings back the glory days of denim fashion.

This kind of watch band works perfectly with denim and jeans. The usual earthy tones of Canvas watch bands and their “worn-out” style blend well with attitude and boldness of denim wear.


Here at StrapsCo, we have a novel collection of Canvas watch bands that you will not find anywhere. 


The Strap for the Bold and Smart

Unleash your boldness with StrapsCo’s watch Canvas strap. Each strap in our special collection is a sure fit for your taste.


Our watch strap designs are versatile and flexible. They can be used for almost any occasion without overpowering your outfit. 


Whether it’s a formal or work-related event, we have the right band for you. 


Look smart and feel smart with our Canvas strap watch designs. Impress your colleagues and shine in your way.


The Strap That Fits All Styles

Are you unsure what watch band to wear?


Do you always have a hard time choosing the best watch band that blends with your outfit?


Well, those days are gone. A Canvas strap for the watch can fit in almost every style and outfit.


Whether you’re wearing corporate, formal, semi-formal, vintage, artsy, or chic fashion style, there’s always room for the Canvas watch band.


Feel the Rebellious Look with Frayed Canvas Straps

A fascinating thing about frayed watch bands is their “worn-out” look. The frays and blemishes add texture and bearing on the overall appearance.


The frays add a rebellious or adventurous feel on the watch straps. Canvas, however, complements the frays by giving patterns. 


Feel the Erudite Look with Denim and Leather Straps

Leather is often used for formal occasions and events. Many people prefer wearing leather watch bands when attending formal gatherings.


However, leather is a classic watch band material. For some, it looks too formal and rigid. But if you add patterns to leather, you’ll have a less formal watch band design.


Thus, meet the denim and leather combination. The denim patterns create flow and pattern to the straps. The leather components of the strap emphasize formality.


Overall, the denim and leather complement each other so that each design element doesn’t dominate the other.


The watch buckle may have different colors like black, stainless steel, rose gold, and yellow gold. However, a black buckle looks more striking.


Feel Free with Canvas and Leather Straps

If there’s a watch strap that emphasizes freedom, it is the Canvas and leather watch strap. The combination of leather and Canvas gives the strap a fresh look.


Though some of its parts are leather, it doesn’t strike a formal look. Rather, the watch strap contradicts the principles of style. Moreover, the Canvas bands add texture to the smooth leather finish.


The Canvas and leather watch strap looks a blend of Western American style and contemporary style.


Buy Canvas Straps Now at StrapsCo

Add to your watch band collection our new Canvas watch bands. With colors ranging from black, moss green, sky blue, and dirty white, we are sure that you’ll fall in love with our strap designs.


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