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How To Remove Quick-Release Pins


In this guide, we will demonstrate how to remove the quick-release spring bars from your watch band. No tools are required for this process. This process is easiest with straps made from softer materials such as leather and rubber. Once complete, you can install a new quick-release spring bar, or a standard spring bar if you prefer.

Locate the quick-release lever on the backside of the watch strap.

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Slide the quick-release lever all the way to the left, as far as it will go.

How To Remove Quick Release Pins 2

Carefully bend the corner of the strap back and away from the spring bar so that the tip pops out of the lever hole.

How To Remove Quick Release Pins 3

Pinch the exposed tip of the spring bar between your fingers, and pull it out from the strap until it has been completely removed.

How To Remove Quick Release Pins 4

Repeat this process with the other half of the watch strap if you would like to remove both spring bars.

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  1. Kathryn Knopf

    This was incredibly helpful! Thank you 💕

  2. You guys are absolute life savers! I was very unsure how to do this and I’m always worried about breaking anything of value. You saved me a huge amount of time and effort so BIg thanks 🙂

    Take care

  3. Very useful instruction. Thank you so much. I will definitely use it.

  4. Karen Robertson

    This pin is sooo much easier to use than the regular type!! Thank you!

  5. Why would the pins need to be removed from the band?

    1. Martin Syrovatka

      Good question! Some watches need a “fat” spring bar or another type of spring bar so you could remove the quick release pin and install another type of spring bar that’s compatible with the watch. Not common, but the spring bar could also fail and need to be replaced.

      1. Good point – additionally (and this is the reason I need to do it), watch bands frequently come in standard sizes, whereas some watch brands insist on making odd-sized lugs (for me, 17 and 19mm) – so to be able to use larger-than-called-for bands that have quick release pins, we must remove the pins and fit with smaller pins…. and thanks for the useful article!

      2. Also, some watches like a Panerai have screw in pins.

  6. carl Leveling

    Thank you for such a truly useful article with enough photos that even the less mechanically inclined folks can get it done.

  7. Allan Williams

    On stiffer bands I have grasped the quick release with a small pliers and twist it. It should unscrew. Ruins the pin but gets it out.

  8. Lindsey Howatt

    I always find this the most difficult pin too remove and insert. I have the correct tool but it is still tricky. I have no trouble with batteries or links on a metal band but this one drives me crazy. Regards, Lindsey

  9. Alex Veleff


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