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The Advantages of Using Fitbit Ionic Bands

Bands with a negative charge have been around for thousands of years, even in Ancient Egypt. People have known the positive effects of these magnetic bracelets on the human body for millennia. People use these devices today as health aids and jewelry in the form of a Fitbit Ionic band.


A Fitbit watch is a new device that tracks your physical activity, diet, sleep patterns and optimizes your overall health. It’s easy to change the straps for Fitbit watches, especially if the strap isn’t large enough.

Using an ionic band, together with your Fitbit watch, is an excellent way to help your chances of staying healthy and living longer.

What Are Negative Ions?

Ions are invisible particles that carry an electrical charge. They can be positively-charged (cation) or negatively-charged (anion). When air molecules decay from sunlight, negative ions are created. 

When negative ions reach the blood, they start biochemical reactions, which increase your serotonin levels. This leads to an increase in your energy levels and a reduction in stress levels. 

If there is a high concentration in negative ions in the environment, your blood cells become smaller and can carry oxygen throughout your body more efficiently.

Health Benefits of Anion Bands

Have you experienced a change in mood when witnessing a thunderstorm or when you’re in the middle of a dense forest? The good feeling that you experience is the result of negative ions in the air.

These new anion bracelets are the next steps in improving your mood, health, and wellness without changing your schedule.

Decades of scientific research clearly show that negative ion bands can improve the body’s immune system, fight off many diseases and illnesses, and create a better balance for your bodily functions. They also improve brain function and mental concentration.

Further research has also shown that anions can combat the effect of air pollution, thus, helping your health in a different way.

Fitbit ionic accessories are not just for your health; their design is for fashion as well. These accessories come in your desired color. They are also made from different materials:

  • Leather – Having a leather band for your watch is a stylish choice, especially for business meetings. Plus, a narrow leather band can make a large wrist look smaller.
  • MetalMetal is best for people who value durability and style.
  • PlasticA plastic band is light, can be perforated, and is available in any color. It’s best for people who don’t like leather or metal.

The best benefit of using an ionic strap on your Fitbit watch is its passive therapeutic effects. You don’t have to do anything except wear it. That fits the hectic lifestyle that many people lead today. Plus, the sudden emphasis on health and wellness for everyone will ensure a healthier lifestyle and longer lives for you and your family.