Active Protective Case Strap
For Fitbit Charge 5

(4 customer reviews)

$19.99 USD

Protect Your Device From Scratches
Protect Your Device From Scratches


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  • Compatibility: Fitbit Charge 5
  • Material: Silicone Rubber
  • Total length: 250mm
  • Product color may differ from picture depending on computer/mobile screen.
  • SKU: fb.r74

StrapsCo silicone rubber replacement watch bands with built-in case protector designed for Fitbit Charge 5. This flexible strap won’t be ruined by moisture even when used by the most active Fitbit users.

4 reviews for Active Protective Case Strap
For Fitbit Charge 5

  1. Sonora Servaes (verified owner)

    The clips that hold the original band and the longer stretchy bands I used to use finally gave out, but there was absolutely nothing wrong with the Fitbit. It’s hard to find this sort of band, the protective case band, in a larger size than what was offered elsewhere. The other places only had up 8.5″ bands, and I’m just a tad larger at 9-9.5″, until I can lose a significant amount of weight to have skinnier arms and wrists (ahem). But these (I ordered in three colors- aqua, navy, and black for outfit matching) work just fine! I still have to notch it in the last hole, but that’s still a loose enough fit I can get a finger between the band and my wrist and it doesn’t feel super tight. Navigating the site was easy, the 3-for-2 price was amazing, and the speed of receiving my order was fantastic.

  2. Latonya C. (verified owner)

    I am a clumsy person and I am known to hit my fitbit everywhere. 😁 I am happy to find this protective case. As someone who wears their device every day, having the added protection cover brings me peace of mind. Whether I’m engaged in various activities or going about my daily routine it provides an extra layer of safety for my Fitbit Charge 5. I highly recommend it!

  3. A. Street (verified owner)

    I am very pleased with this low-profile protective case. It offers the right amount of coverage to protect my device from scratches and cracks during everyday activities like office work, gym sessions, running, and swimming. The case maintains the original look of my device and does not interfere with charging or sensor functionality. Although it may not withstand extreme sports or intense workouts, it provides sufficient protection for regular use. The screen remains responsive and swipe-friendly, making it a practical choice for daily wear.

  4. emmegebe

    Like apparently thousands of other Fitbit Charge 4 users, I experienced the strap attachment point breaking off of the pebble (body) of the device, leaving no way to attach a regular strap and making the device useless. Case straps for the Charge 4 that enclose the pebble, the way that this design does, seem to be sold out everywhere (June 2022). After triple-checking the pebble measurements for the 4 and 5, I decided to try this case strap for my Charge 4, and it works! The pebble fits neatly into the band, it makes good contact with my wrist, and the side button is fully functional. I’m so glad I did not have to throw away a perfectly good fitness tracker just because Fitbit went with a cheap crappy design for the strap attachment points. This case strap saved the day!

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