Garmin Watch Bands

Take a look at the countless choices for your new Garmin watch band. The brand is known for its extensive line of wristwatches for fitness, recreation, and outdoor exploration. For all their utility, fashion is also an option when it comes to Garmin products. 


You can certainly do more with your timepiece. Give your Fenix 3 or Vivoactive 3 a nice aesthetic boost or replace its straps as a matter of continued use. Conveniently, you also have access to screws and specialized tools to change the watch bands yourself. 

Check out our collection of bands and accessories compatible with models from the following Garmin product series or lines:

  • Garmin Approach 
  • Garmin Chronos
  • Garmin Descent 
  • Garmin Fenix 
  • Garmin Forerunner 
  • Garmin Instinct
  • Garmin Quatix 
  • Garmin Swim 
  • Garmin Vivoactive 
  • Garmin Vivofit

We continuously update our product offerings to provide you with new and exciting options for your favorite Garmin wearable. 

Can Garmin Watch Bands Be Replaced?

Yes. Garmin watches are built for sports and fitness activities. Given the conditions outside and everyday use, you may need to buy replacement bands for your unit. 

To ensure your Garmin model or range has interchangeable bands and how to go about the process, check out its product manual. Once you have ascertained their replaceability, you can start to shop for straps available in numerous styles, sizes, and so on.

How Do You Change the Band on a Garmin Watch?

What Garmin watch do you have? Generally speaking, it’s easy to remove the default bands and replace them with suitable ones, such as the traditional types with the standard spring bar, screw-in bands, and quick-release straps. One critical consideration in changing straps for Garmin units, or any wristwatch for that matter, is getting the correct strap width

Garmin’s Forerunner range has numerous models with replacement bands and straps. To remove the screw-in bands from a Forerunner 935, for example, loosen the pins through screwdrivers. If you are to attach the same band type, position one between the lugs, insert the pin and tighten using the tools. 

Like Forerunner, the Garmin Fenix range consists of multisport GPS watches. If you have Garmin Fenix 6, you can opt for QuickFit 22 or similar products as a replacement. With the original straps removed and the pin secure, snap the QuickFit bands into place. 

Contact us for assistance with changing the bands for other Garmin models or products. 

What Are Garmin Watch Bands Made Of?

A Garmin band can be made of silicone, rubber, leather, or stainless steel, among other watch strap materials. Here are some insights to help you out shop for your new sets of straps:

  • Silicone and rubber watch bands work with everyday hustle. Leather and stainless straps match office and formal functions. 
  • Spare straps transform your look instantly and can be hygienic, too, given the sweat and dirt from running, swimming, and other activities.
  • Make sure to wear straps according to the event to avoid damaging the material. Also, clean silicone/rubber straps regularly to prevent skin irritation. 

Are you tired of your watch’s look? Consider the band options you have for Forerunner, Approach, Instinct, and other models, and shop by popularity or by price. It’s easy to shop for fun and functional accessories for your timepiece at StrapsCo. 

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  • G.r17 All Color Replacement Strap Band For Garmin Fenix 5X
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  • G.r7 All Color Silicone Strap For Garmin Forerunner 910XT
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  • g.r58.20 Green and BlackStrapsCo Silicone Band for Garmin Forerunner 245 645 Vivoactive 3 Vivomove Vivomove 3 HR
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  • G.l6.1 Gallery Black StrapsCo QuickFit 22 Leather Watch Band Strap For Garmin Fenix 5
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  • pu17.1.6 Gallery Black Red StrapsCo Contrasting Perforated Silicone Rubber Watch Band Quick Release Strap
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  • s.ny6 Gallery StrapsCo Nylon Canvas Watch Band Strap
    $19.99 USD Select options
  • g.pc14 Main Black StrapsCo Silicone Rubber Protective Case Cover for Garmin Instinct
    $8.99 USD Select options
  • G.r52.1 Gallery Black StrapsCo QuickFit 20 Silicone Rubber Watch Band Strap For Garmin Fenix 6S
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  • g.r4 Gallery Silicone Band for Vivoactive H
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Showing 37–48 of 453 results