Screen Protector
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Protect Your Device From Scratches
Protect Your Device From Scratches


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The Fitbit Blaze is a smartwatch with a small touchscreen fitted into an octagonal frame. This smart device fits into the health and wellness lifestyle that’s been sweeping the world over the past decade. Beginning with the Fitbit Blaze, succeeding devices feature straps and bands that can be swapped depending on the user’s preference. 


Screen protectors are important. Your Fitbit Blaze’s LCD needs to be protected because there are several issues that may arise from unprotected Fitbit screens. That’s why a Fitbit Blaze screen protector is essential for your smartwatch’s health.


Here are outstanding features and details of the Fitbit Blaze screen protector: 


  • Tempered glass
  • Premium scratch protection
  • High quality tempered glass
  • Perfect touch
  • Ultra clear
  • Smart design
  • DOES NOT include the watch
  • Sku: sp6.2

The Fitbit Blaze Fitness Super Watch Smartwatch Tempered Glass Film Guard Screen Protector is a military-grade screen protector that will protect your Fitbit Blaze Smartwatch from scratches and damage from sharp metals and drops. The clear transparent coating is easy to clean, preventing oily fingerprints from accumulating. Your smartwatch is an investment, be smart about protecting it.


How to Protect Your Smartwatch 


Avoid Getting the Screen Wet


Fitbit Blaze is water resistant and splash-proof, but that doesn’t mean it can withstand prolonged exposure to water; thus, there is the need for a fitbit screen protector. Water is bad for LCD screens, so keeping your Fitbit’s LCD dry should be a priority. 


Putting a screen protector on your smartwatch will make sure your LCD screen is moderately protected from water damage. However, it still won’t protect the screen if you go swimming.


Avoid Mechanical Shocks


Avoiding dropping your smartwatch is on the same page of the safety handbook as not getting it wet. LCD screens have always been susceptible to mechanical damage; your Fitbit Blaze smartwatch is no exception. The increased pressure on the surface plates can squeeze the fluid inside and cause permanent damage to your LCD. 


Avoid Extreme Heat


The heat given off by your body won’t affect your smartwatch, but extreme heat from another source will have a negative effect. Too much heat will change the physical properties of the liquid crystal and some parts of the screen may appear as permanent black spots.


Avoid Magnetic Damage


There’s evidence that magnetic fields can damage your LCD screen. Old LCD TVs and other LCD screens have been damaged by strong magnetic fields. Magnetic damage can also make swiping from one page to another very difficult. Actually, there are many arguments on both sides. Implementing another layer of protection will help your screen with magnetic fields. 


What Does the Screen Protector Do 


The Fitbit Blaze Screen Protector


Protection from Most Kinds of Damage

The Fitbit Blaze Smartwatch Tempered Glass Screen Protector is a military-grade glass screen protector that will protect your Fitbit Blaze Smartwatch from scratches, sharp metals, water damage, extreme heat, magnetic damage and drops. 


Easy to Install and Clean

The LCD of your Fitbit device is prone to fingerprints and oil. The clear transparent coating is easy to clean, but keep it free from oily fingerprints that can accumulate on your Fitbit Blaze screen. The tempered glass offers additional protection from dust.


Ultra Clear and Smart Design

Many screen protectors don’t fit the screen well and aren’t clear. Our Fitbit Blaze screen protector fits like a glove and shows the LCD display clearly.


How to Install and Remove the Fitbit Blaze Screen Protector


Installing this Fitbit Blaze screen protector is simple. Turn the device off. Make sure to wipe the screen of your Fitbit Blaze using dust-absorbing stickers. Then, slowly place the glass onto the screen. The bubble-free adhesive makes installing the Fitbit Blaze screen protector convenient.


To remove the Fitbit Blaze screen protector, just find the edge of the glass and use a thin-edged tool or your fingernails to get it off the LCD.



3 reviews for Screen Protector
For Fitbit Blaze

  1. April McNair (verified owner)

    We absolutely love these watch protectors! My boyfriends works construction and wears his watch all the time. Thanks to these protectors, his watch has been saved from countless hits and accidents. Highly recommended for anyone looking to protect their watch.

  2. P. Escoto (verified owner)

    This screen protector for fitbit blaze actually exceeded my expectations. It was easy to apply and provided great protection. My screen is responsive as usual. A must-buy for anyone cares about their fitbit.

  3. Yannick G

    I’ve had the Fitbit Blaze for awhile and I’m hoping to get even more life out of it so the screen protector helps.

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