Extra Long Thick Distressed Leather Strap

$24.99 USD

Product ID: 71348

The st10 strap is the new and improved version of our best seller, the st4. This new version is constructed with a softer and higher quality leather as well as a separate textured leather backing for added quality and comfort. Due to the hand finished vintage effect, no two straps are alike. This is a thick watch band with a large heavy duty buckle. This listing is for the extra long version.

Sizes 18mm 20mm 22mm 24mm 26mm
Width at Lug End (Watch End): 18mm 20mm 22mm 24mm 26mm
Width at Buckle End: 18mm 20mm 22mm 24mm 26mm
Short Piece Length (excl. buckle): 90mm 90mm 90mm 90mm 90mm
Long Piece Length: 135mm 135mm 135mm 135mm 135mm
Total Length (excl. buckle): 225mm 225mm 225mm 225mm 225mm
Thickness: 4MM 4MM 4MM 4MM 4MM



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